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We are an award winning PR consulting firm having a unique approach to managing brand image in this new age of digital.
Public relation is an opportune mix of communication, timing, audience targeting, distribution channels (publications), amplification, seeding, and cross promotions.
We bridge the gaps of traditional PR approach & use our psychometric perception building frameworks to identify the brand problems & hence define tailor-made solutions for different objectives like brand awareness, audience engagement, a higher share of voice (SOV), thought leadership, product leadership, reputation management & other. We believe in the power of communications & value content at the core of PR. These basic principles help us in driving business results for the brands & doing case study worthy work.
  • Research about the category & create a benchmark of content strategies that can work for the brand.
  • Identify the topics of influence that speak to your brand’s target buyers.
  • Vet & improvise the influencers who are a good contextual fit with your brand.Look for content quality, reach, engagement and an alignment of brand values.
  • Relate and engage with to your target influencers via email and other social channels. Ask them to partner with your brand and offer them compensation to create mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Measure all earned media and identify which influencers and which topics lift your brand the most.
  • Repeat once you’ve identified who and what works best for your brand you can build a stronger influencer marketing strategy each time around.


  • Most Creative PR Stunt South East Asia - PR Awards 2017
  • Viral Marketing campaign – India Digital Awards 2017
  • Best Viral Marketing Campaign – Drivers of Digital Award – 2016
  • Most innovative use of social media IPRCCA 2016
  • Best Viral Marketing Campaign – CIDCA 2017
  • Best Content Marketing Strategy – FOXGLOVE 2017

How to choose a right PR Firm

  • Define your PR goals: Before you even begin shortlisting PR Agencies, set your PR Goals. What is the purpose an agency will serve? What are the media objectives of hiring a PR firm? Are you just looking for PR or other Media services? What platform you need more interaction & hence do you need Digital PR, PR or mix of both? What is the objective of PR? Is it awareness, advocacy or driving business results? Answer such questions and then make a list of the appropriate PR agencies.
  • Shortlist: After you create your list, it is time to shortlist. Shortlist the agencies that you think will be a right fit with your company. See the agency’s work culture, interact with the people, try to figure out who will be answerable to you, and then eliminate all those agencies that are not right for you. Look at their past experiences and try to analyse whether they have any experience in your industry and line of work.
  • Budget: You need to make sure that you get enough returns on the money invested in a PR Agency. To decide this, make sure to choose an agency that can handle the size of account your company is offering. You also need to make sure to see the account size of other businesses engaged with the agency. If what you are offering is much lesser than the other accounts, the effort put in by the agency may also be minimal.
  • Objective View: Being a part of your business, you tend to have a biased opinion about your product and cannot look at public relations objectively. A PR agency can help you tone down your enthusiasm and give you a reality check. They will give an objective view of your company’s worth and help you understand how you can build up your image in the market.
  • PR is a core activity: PR is considered as one of the core business activities a company needs to do. Just like any other primary function, PR requires careful planning and execution done over an extended period. Do not construe that this is a bad thing; it is something that will form your base from the very beginning and help you gain a good image in the market. A PR Agency can assist you with this complex but essential part of your business.

Tell the right story at the right time through the right medium to bring valuable attention to your business

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Tell the right story at the right time through the right medium to bring valuable attention to your business

Talk to our experts now!

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