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Technical SEO involves making sure your website complies with search engine requirements so that it can easily be scanned and indexed. Today, Google can penalize websites with faulty redirects, slow page loads, and bad site structure. These technical SEO problems could cause a sharp decline in search ranks and organic traffic if they are not addressed. We, at #ARM, enhance the functionality of your website and draw in quality traffic and leads.

How We Help

We, at #ARM Worldwide, help you gain insights into the performance of your website, while also digging into your website’s technical details to identify any opportunities for improvement. Our determined team of SEO experts covers a host of vital checkpoints, including: 

  • Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • SEO Tracking and Monitoring
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
1. Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization

Your ranking and, more crucially, the online experience of your users are both impacted by page speed. Our team compresses your CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files for a faster page speed. In addition, our team of dedicated SEO experts speeds up server response times, reduces redirects, takes advantage of browser caching, and optimise your code. The three measures that makeup Core Web Vitals are First Input Delay (FID), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). At #ARM, we strive to address everything falling into one of these categories. Our optimisation produces a seamless web page user experience, increasing your chances of attracting new clients, keeping the ones you already have, and retaining them back.

2. SEO Tracking and Monitoring

To find and address the technical SEO flaws with your website, our team conducts a thorough technical SEO audit. Important checkpoints covered by the audit include mobile performance, page speed, internal link structure, XML sitemap, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. We create both short-term and long-term solutions based on the analytics data to enhance your website visitors’ experience and boost your Google rankings. With only a few minutes of setup, our Google Analytics and Search Console integration makes it simple to examine your organic ranking data from Search Console along with page-level data from Google Analytics. Meta tags that accurately explain the content of your page to both web users and search engines will increase your online exposure and drive more traffic to your website. To properly optimize your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robot tags, #ARM does technical SEO for you. In this approach, we guarantee that no mishandled metadata will significantly degrade your SEO performance.

3. Google Penalty Recovery

Algorithm updates or black-hat technical SEO for WordPress can result in a Google penalty. Our SEO specialists use Google Search Console to determine the sort of penalties that apply to your website, evaluate your backlink-building plans, and address variations on the original web pages and content that Google crawls to assist you in recovering from a penalty. We also test each of your redirects to make sure they function properly.

4. Multilingual SEO

SEO for several languages involves more than just translating keywords. It calls for superior verbal ability as well as technical skill and knowledge. We put effort into finding your potential clients all around the world, targeting each language specifically for the best outcomes. We collaborate with linguists with extensive knowledge of the regional economy and culture. We translate and localise your website for your target audience using their expertise and understanding as a guide.

5. Competitor Analysis

Our team of dedicated SEO experts helps you discover your conversion potential by getting a thorough understanding of your competitors’ optimization strategies. The keyword performance, social media presence, search engine rankings, and technical and backlink profiles of your competitors are all evaluated by our technical SEO specialist. Through these procedures, we can develop tactics that will give you a definite edge in your specific niche market.

6. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of digital marketing strategy. Our team finds out about current market trends and consumer behaviour to make sure your website is using the right keywords. To evaluate your keyword ranks and optimise your web pages with effective search phrases, our SEO specialists analyse your niche and carry out technical SEO audits.

7. Backlink Analysis

With technical SEO for eCommerce and other platforms, you can better comprehend the possibilities of your website’s online authority and search ranking. To make sure you receive incoming links from reliable and high-authority websites, our team conducts backlink analysis. To find your referring domains, examine their site authority, and calculate the social share volume of the linked pages, we use a variety of backlink data sources.

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