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Analysis And Reporting


We, at #ARM Worldwide, track and report how well the paid media campaigns are performing for your business to deliver you leads and sales. Our team focuses on key KPIs and presents data on campaign performance to open the scope of enhancement. We compile, organize, and compare data to understand the performance of paid campaigns and optimally use effective techniques to improve them.

How we help?

Our bespoke team of paid media experts analyze the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and provide a detailed report to bridge any gap that is restricting your business growth. We offer a plethora of services to measure your PPC campaign performance, including:

  1. PPC campaign analysis

Our PPC experts set up and conduct in-depth analysis to gain a better understanding of the paid media campaigns for your business, and improve them to drive better results. We focus on the minute details of PPC campaigns during analysis, such as refining keyword selection and optimizing ad runs. Our team analyzes the quality score of ads to determine the ranking, and make recommendations to get good ad placements. We also gain insights on how often your audience searches relevant queries that trigger the ads to understand the impression share for the ads. Our team closely monitors the campaigns to understand the positioning of the brand among competitors. We optimize ad text to help brands engage with their audiences, provide a 360-degree analysis with an objective to get the best ROI. 

  1. Reporting

Our team breaks things down into granular levels during the reporting process to demonstrate the results of the campaigns. We measure the ad performance based on key business metrics and provide effective recommendations for the scope of improvement. Our team devises a clear and concise report which includes key takeaways such as clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion to name a few. We include analytics and key metrics in the detailed reports to provide brands with an overview of the complete data during the campaign. 

  1. Google Analytics

We understand the brands’ campaign performance via Google analytics reports to make strategic improvements. Our team combines their PPC efforts along with additional measurement tools in Google Analytics to have smarter goal tracking, sharper pictures of the audience behind conversions, and better insights into the full value of overall campaigns. Our team studies various reports generated by Google Analytics, such as in-market segment report, site search report, referrals report, geo-location report, and top conversion paths to measure the success of the campaign and identify the scope of improvement.




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