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In today’s world, more than 40% of the population is online, and almost one-third of the population uses smartphones. With people being connected like never before, this scenario has given a chance for businesses to turn the entire world into their customer base. App store optimization (ASO) is a recent speciality in the digital marketing world, which helps your business mobile app rank higher in the app store search results. 

At #ARM Worldwide, we understand the significance of making your business app ready. Our team of SEO experts utilize all the essential marketing factors to bolster your application, increase the visibility of your brand, multiply your download numbers, and bring you one step closer to the top position of your category. 

How we help?

We, at #ARM Worldwide, tackle all the facts and challenges with the help of our experienced team of ASO experts. We take some steps to devise your app marketing strategies, some of which are listed below: 

  1. Targeting app store keywords

The keywords that help you increase the app’s visibility in the App Store and Google Play are at the centre of App Store optimization, just like search engine optimization. Identifying potential keywords is the first step in # ARM’s assistance in choosing the best keywords for your App Store optimization. The non-popular keywords are filtered out after they have gathered as many potential keywords as possible. Therefore, they provide your brand’s best keyword optimization strategy by examining the keywords you can compete with.

  1. Auditing the app store

Auditing provides insights and learnings that help boost your ASO. In addition, it recognizes what you need to get the stores to recognize your apps. #ARM Worldwide helps you get visibility. We focus on using keywords with the app’s name and designing a simple icon. Furthermore, we monitor your performance regularly, which helps with tracking your rank. Finally, we have a sound automation system for “set and forget.”

  1. A/B test for app stores

#ARM Worldwide helps test the elements of your app to reach the conversion rate and more downloads. Our ASO experts research, test and improve the app performance by conducting a thorough competitor analysis and looking for the best practices from other fields you would like to test. We then analyze and decide on the implementation of the test variant and check for volumes, conversation rate engagement metrics, retention, etc. Thus, we offer more control over the testing parameters, which pushes up the results.

  1. App management and updates

The most crucial stage of App Store Optimization is app management and updates, which determines when to update your app store listings. #ARM aids you in finding the ideal balance as we determine whether the current app is functioning normally or if a push is needed. Our team evaluates your performance, keeping the keywords you rank for and eliminating the ones you don’t. As a result, we increase your chances to rank for popular keywords and to gain a little more popularity.

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