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It is pretty convenient for business owners to brag about their products or services but the sure bet to impress the potential customers is getting talked about by others. A customer is more likely to buy a product or service upon recommendation. The word can conveniently be spread through brand advocates or third party that acts as cheerleaders. A survey has revealed that 92% customers tend to believe in brand advocates.

A well-planned brand advocacy program will go a long way in spreading the word and converting customers. It offers the company with the capability to harness the power of its own customers. A brand Advocacy program is a well structured and executed strategy that helps to build a network of brand advocates who talk about all they know about your offerings and hence spread the information in a valuable manner. They help in taking customer relationships ahead. They are more effective than traditional advertising as they offer peer to peer recommendations.

We offer brand advocacy services that focus on the following aspects of an effective brand advocacy program:

1. Advance planning and goal setting: Brand advocacy doesn’t begin from scratch; it includes leveraging existing fanbase that may be determined by the activity of brand on social media. We help you in leveraging them in the following ways:

  • Selecting and sourcing the right fans
  • Targeting the influencers
  • Engaging and motivating evangelists

2. Once the goals are set, our plan helps you get the brand advocates started. We focus on the following things to keep them motivated:

  • Communicate with them effectively
  • Clarify the exact architecture of the program
  • Integrate professionals

3. Help to turn employees into brand advocates

4. Effective engagement of the appointed brand advocates in order to keep them interested: we devise incentive plans and other motivations to keep them interested.

Our brand advocacy services help you in the following ways:

  • Leverage existing fans and hence increase awareness about your brand
  • Develop loyal customers
  • Creation of valuable loops of customer feedback
  • Effective generation of reviews and testimonials to help the customers choose you
  • Increasing brand sentiment and ultimately sales

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