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Celebrity influencer engagement

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Some brands need to take the route of celebrity influencer marketing to launch/unveil a service or product, as presenting a familiar face is one of the fastest and easiest ways for companies to create brand associations in the minds of the target audience. Depending on the need of the brand, the celebrity’s association can be explicit or implicit. We help brands to shortlist the right celebrities depending on their need and then engage them relevant audiences on the most suitable medium – offline or online.

Celebrity influencer engagement

We offer celebrity influencer engagement services that help in building relationships of mutual benefit between ambitious brands and high-profile talents. While the common perception considers celebrities as an easy selling commodity, it often fails in the absence of proper planning and experience. It is also difficult to retain celebrities in absence of proper engagement strategies. On the contrary, a plan that is properly designed and executed can change the face of a brand in unlimited positive ways and can bring newer audience at the forefront using just well-planned celebrity engagement strategy.

We offer the following services for celebrity influencer engagement:
  • Creative team that runs celebrity talent campaigns based on key objectives of the brand
  • Outreach to appropriate celebrities based on the brand
  • Right portrayal of the celebrities
  • Influential talent engagement team works on the campaign
  • Maximum celebrity outreach and endorsement across all channels of media
  • Experience of creating many success stories through celebrity influencers
Key takeaways from our services:
  • Expert advice on effective utilization of celebrity support to synchronize with business and marketing plans
  • Effective sourcing of appropriate celebrities coherent with the brand image
  • Maximization of impact of celebrity endorsement by effective PR outreach
  • Provision of income into your CSR initiatives through celebrity-driven fundraising events

While celebrities can effectively take your brand name forward using their fandom, an effective strategy is extremely important to only get the best out of the associations; we provide end to end solutions for engagement of these celebrities to benefit your brand name.

What this package offers?
Celebrity sourcing
Celebrity sourcing
Social Amplification
Social Amplification
VIdeo testimonials
VIdeo testimonials
Offline integration
Offline integration

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