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Directory submission is a common but very useful SEO technique to get the back-links for the submitted website. Directories are one kind of website which is used to store businesses and its basic information. In directories, business is stored and listed in different as well as relevant categories. ARM Worldwide is the best leading company, who are offering Directory submission Services and helps to achieve your target.

Client’s Demand is Our First Priority in Directory Submission

In Directory Submission, directories are used to get back links on selected keywords. From these some directories are free and some are paid. We always work as per our client’s conditions. In directory submission, some clients want their site in the perfect category, for this deep link is necessary and that is paid. We are also doing paid submission. Some clients need free submission, for them we are working in that scenario. ARM Worldwide is the leading company and Client’s necessities are always on first priority for us.

To increase your company’s brand value is our main focus point. Our experts and professionals are providing the best Directory Submission Services. In directory submission process, two type of directories:

  • Instant directories
  • Authority websites which are Approval based directory

In instant directories, we are submitting your business information instantaneously. Here no need to be approved. But in authority directories, first we have to add the site and wait for the approved by the moderator. Once he approved, your site is submitted.

Our experts follow the below steps for the Directory Submission:
  • Place your site’s keyword in “Title” field.
  • Submit your site’s description.
  • Submit URL, for which page you want to do submission.
  • Submit your business Email ID.

The Directory Submission is done on the demand of client’s i.e. free submission or paid submission. If any submission is approved, then our experts will get the approved mail. Deep link has many advantages like such types of links are permanent, never deleted as well as for promoting the directories backlinks are also provided by the directories.

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