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With technology revamping the buying behavior of people, eCommerce applications have become an indispensable tool for business. eCommerce 

 have become a necessity to stay relevant and competitive in a market that is expanding every day. We, at #ARM, help you build a powerful optimized eCommerce app that can help you earn more customers and increase your business’s growth manifold. 


The eCommerce solutions offered at #ARM are competent to deliver the immediate needs of the new market landscape keeping in mind your business model. We align every process of retail operation digitally to ensure streamlined business processes, the industry starkets and the latest market trends. #ARM takes brick and mortar retailers online to augment the existing lines of products/services for eCommerce. 


At #ARM, we use a combination of different technologies to deliver competitive solutions that meet the demands of the current eCommerce landscape. Our solutions are always in line with the latest trends so that your eCommerce appl aligns aptly with your business goal and vision. We use the most advanced integrations to enhance the overall shopping experience of your customers and potential buyers. 


  • Custom eCommerce Application

#ARM assists you in embarking upon the eCommerce journey from scratch. As your custom eCommerce application developer, our team of professionals will assist you with the design and structure of your application, along with recommending the most trending technologies and integrations for your application. We employ the most advanced technologies possible to deliver an agile eCommerce website that can scale seamlessly and ensure security. 

  • UI/UX

The UI/UX of the eCommerce application plays a significant role in making it appealing to the customers, thereby attracting and retaining them. ARM’s dedicated team of UI/UX designers is always working towards delivering an unmatched user experience for the customers, backed with visually striking interfaces. We also welcome our clients to share any custom UI idea with us.

  • Forward, Reverse Logistics, Order and Inventory Management

eCommerce operations play an important role in building and managing your eCommerce applications. We #ARM, help you build Logistics, Inventory / store and order management solutions to smooth out your operations to publish your product across the categories, fulfill the customer orders and integrate the platform with logistics partners to help customers track the order on a real time basis. 

  • Cart and Payment Gateways integration

Our Expert eCommerce Development team at #ARM will help you completely customize your shopping cart user experience. Customize Coupon and Offers sections as per the business requirement. Integration of multiple payment gateways, building features to manage the switch on/off payments gateway in case of any failure or as per business requirement.

  • CRM and ERP Integration

CRM plays an important part in the customer journey for tracking of the concerns and resolution of the queries raised on the portal. We help you solve, design and build an integration to the CRM system to have seamless experience to the user on a single platform. 

Our Expert developer at #ARM will help you design and build integration layer /middleware to communicate with your ERP solutions. Which will help to dynamically push real time inventory / stocks, real time prices etc. which will reduce any on the manually intervention and manual errors. 

We, at #ARM, are dedicated to helping you build customer loyalty. We follow agile and advanced technologies to develop powerful eCommerce solutions built to outperform competition and enhance user experience. Set up your customized marketplace rapidly with our eCommerce app development services today!





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