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Enterprise Automation Transformation Solutions

Equipped with the best skills to help guide your enterprise through evolution and upgrade your innovation suite with the latest technologies, #ARM Worldwide is a leader in digital transformation. 


Enterprises wish to operate with sophisticated technology that is cost and time effective and improves their ROI manifold. With #ARM’s unique approach and implementation methods, we help enterprises enhance their potential and accelerate business growth. We help amplify your operational efficiency and client experience. We ensure that while optimising the way work is done to improve productivity and efficiency is desirable in itself, for best results, our enterprise automation approach aligns with your broader strategy.


Integrated automated workflows can bridge gaps and break down silos to promote collaboration between different teams and parts of the enterprise, facilitating cross-functional cooperation. With the right automation solution and transformation capabilities, you can leverage automated workflows between diverse functions such as marketing, customer relationship management, sales, support, and finance. By streamlining and optimising operations, promoting collaboration, and granting greater oversight, #ARM helps to create a climate conducive to innovation. 

  • Measuring Impact: How Beneficial is it for Your Business?

We assess the automation impact at the business-unit level, enterprise-wide, or across the business ecosystem. Moreover, the type of impact can be financial, business, operational, or social. Therefore, as a part of your automation strategy, it is critical first to assess the potential impact and define KPIs important to the business.

  • Strategic Adoption: Embracing the Change

Performing change management effectively is critical to successful enterprise automation. Initiating this level of change in an organisation has to be gradual and systematic. It can be easily achieved with an IAI framework: Incubation, Acceleration, Innovation.

  • Automation at Scale: Deploying Intelligent Strategies

To unify automation across the enterprise, there is a multitude of technologies that are being deployed. However, strategic adoption of automation at scale can be a deterrent if multiple technologies are deployed to address the E2E automation. This type of piecemeal approach is a common and problematic strategy. It often results in a highly-disjointed process, and it causes internal teams to avoid automation due to its perceived complexity. #ARM solves this problem by utilising a single platform for both enabling standardised governance and allowing a broad set of teams to participate in automating your business.


#ARM’s product engineering services are provided using a hybrid framework that is well-suited to the client’s ecosystem, procedures, and requirements. In a distributed agile development paradigm, our proficient engineers use tools and accelerators to ensure effective delivery, governance, and knowledge coverage.

  • Ideation

Planning a product engineering cycle requires a clear view of the end results. By ensuring the product meets those goals, increases operational efficiency, adds a revenue stream and heightens customer loyalty, we seek to find a balance to craft an effective and profitable product. This is achieved through an agile product development approach, where cross-functional teams work parallelly. 

  • Architecture

Enterprise automation architecture is a holistic strategy to execute automation programs within an organisation. It includes agendas to guide businesses toward a whole automation architecture that carries both strategic and tactical automation opportunities. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we invest conscious efforts into researching user journeys and metrics for performance.

  • Plan Roll-out

After obtaining your sign-in on the wireframe and prototype, we fix clear timelines to deliver the product in a phased manner. We perform our testing and maintenance through strict standards to ensure your product has zero technical or user issues. Our team will be around to guide and support you along the way.

Organisations are noticing increased complexity in the automation and transformation landscape, and a unified approach to Enterprise Automation & Transformation is needed to address it. With #ARM at your service, your CXOs can lead the digital initiatives confidently while we direct all our efforts to ensure your enterprise transformation is successfully achieved.


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