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Events and Experiential Marketing

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Have you ever been to a trade fair and tried a product? What differences did you observe when trying it yourself than learning about it online or through an emulated video?

One definitely gains a better grab of the real appeal when seeing it in person.

The process that involves the development of exhibits and displays for the purpose of product or service promotion is termed event marketing. These may be online or offline and participation may be hosted or sponsored. On the other hand, providing a hands on experience of the product in order to facilitate understanding of the look and feel of the offering is termed experiential marketing.

Say for instance a particular period of trial is offered for software before one buys it. Experiential marketing is all about the experience and such events work since they let your audience to connect in real time with your brand. This is a tangible and memorable way to present your product to bring in knowledge about it to customers. So experiential services are expected to increase the number of people buying your products. The data-driven approach will be more meaningful and targeted at driving meaningful trial and conversions through live and digital events.

Events and Experiential Marketing

In the B2B world, we aim at functional benefits and assist in big deals of business decision making. We have a creative approach to every business deal. We offer a blend of passion, fresh thinking, industry survey and expertise with experience in order to deliver the best brand experiences.

The following are our priority:
  • Providing proper information
  • Provision of the right format and places to conduct events
  • Enable rational choices
  • Creating interesting, innovative, exciting and entertaining trials – pushing the emotional buttons

Our expertise in events and experiential marketing is a broad spectrum which enables all strands of marketing and communications. Your brand stories are made to fit in search strategies through channel activity, promotional plans, and events in order to build stronger customer relationships. This is done by blending technology, data, and creativity by our team. Our expert team ensures that our clients stand out at exhibitions through our creative approach to showcase booth branding. We provide stunning visuals, dedicated presentation videos at stalls and effective collateral for marketing such as brochures, handbills, and takeaways. We make your presence worthy and effective at every exhibition you want to exhibit. We also keep you updated about the upcoming events and expos happening around you in the digital media space.

When you opt for our events and experiential services you are sure to benefit from:
  • Our insights on the right approach and personalized brand strategy
  • Public relations services
  • Online content search enabling
  • Advertising and activation of trials
  • Experience of products and services at exhibitions and events.

Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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