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Media Planning and Buying


At #ARM Worldwide, we assist you throughout the process of media planning and buying – right from selecting the optimal combination of media outlets to taking the insights gleaned from the media planner to finding and negotiating ad space across the intended media channels. We utilise premium tools to analyze data according to the browsing habits of users. We evaluate proposals from media vendors to get insights about the competition.

How we help?

Our team of media planners and buyers make use of industry research and media planning tools to devise robust media plans. We assist you in strategizing, negotiating, and placement of ads, offering a plethora of services, including:

  1. Media planning

We place a major focus on the first line of defence – Media planning. We conduct research to understand the key objectives of the business and assess the behaviour of the audience group. Our media planners also gather insights about the market at large, research industry trends, and assess competition to establish media objectives. Post analysis, we dig deeper into the media space to determine the most effective media channel for reaching the audience. Our team allocates the funds to multiple media channels effectively, maintaining the budget. 

  1. Media buying

We, at #ARM Worldwide, take the strategy off of the proverbial page and put it out into the world in the right ways. We utilise automation tools to purchase ad inventory for the paid media campaign, while also establishing relationships with media vendors. Our team runs numerous automated ads for brands such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Programmatic ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, etc. as well as man-managed ads. Our media buying experts negotiate the best rates for the particular ad space or placement with the publishers or media partners which would result in desired end goals. Throughout the campaign cycle, we keep a close eye on the ad performance and ensure all ads are being optimized as planned. 


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