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Media relations

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That stint that may get you visibility in one of the leading dailies or a coverage on tv has kept you going so far, you have been sending pitches to journalists and media houses just to be ignored each time. How in the world who you ever land a coverage? Will mass communication ever come without a price? 

Working with the media to inform the public of a company’s mission, goals, achievements, results, announcements etc. is called media relations services. In a nutshell, attracting media coverage to gain more visibility, is termed media relations.The main aim of a media relations service provider is to provide maximum coverage in the mass media without direct pay like it is done in the case of advertising. The basic difference is advertising is paid whereas media publicity is unpaid. Communication between media and the digital marketing company is challenging and vital to maintaining a company’s place in the market. Media relations services are services on behalf of a company that brings in awareness of the product to be marketed and in turn, will help drive traffic towards the business portal. Therefore when an event happens in a company, it needs media attention in order to make people of what has happened or changed. This helps in building a good relationship with the public and public opinion can enhance the productivity of a company. Public and media relations promote companies through free media stories which appear on websites, magazines, newspapers, TV shows etc.

Media relations

We are one of the leading media relations services creating connections in the digital marketing industry. By connections, we mean that your efforts don’t go in vain, just sending pitches to journalists and media houses that go ignored is not what we do. We offer the following:

  • A strategy to build a brand by various PR media relations strategies such as events, stories on web pages, influencers, partnerships, press releases and coverage by leading media channels.
  • Social media and coverage in trade and consumer media, TV, print and digital to enhance the brand.
The key benefits of our PR media relations services are:
  • Identification of appropriate blogs and target media
  • Development of a creative storyline to be shown
  • Aggressive pitching of news and events
  • News pitching for quick reaction
  • Marketing through media interviews
  • Press tours in the company
  • One to one sessions with journalists
  • Coverage of launch events
  • Tracking the media coverage and its impact

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