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App Development


At #ARM Worldwide, our team of mobile app developers is driven by innovation and creativity. We offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs. We analyze your requirements and use the latest software development approaches and tools to create a product that meets all your specifications. Whether it’s an app prototype or a full-fledged product, our team of designers can help you create something people love and use.

How we help?

We provide a complete cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether it’s a consumer-oriented app or an innovative enterprise-class solution, our team assists you through the entire mobile app development process, from idea and concept to delivery and ongoing support. We offer a plethora of services in app development, including: 

  1. Design and development 

Our team devises strategies to determine how your business can improve and grow via mobile app development. We run an in-depth analysis to understand the purpose of your app, identify the audience, run a competitive analysis, and establish the goals and objectives of the app. Once our team defines the objectives, we propose the best-suited design for the app. In the development process, our team defines the technical architecture, picks a technology stack that caters to the business goals, and defines the development milestones. 

  1. UI/UX design

Our team’s major focus is to help you deliver a seamless and effortless user experience with a polished look. From information architecture to wireframes to style guides to interactive prototypes, we focus on the minutiae details to ensure the app’s functionality is well-defined. Our team ensures to deliver a device-specific UI design for your users to receive an intuitive user experience. 

  1. Testing

We ensure to make the app stable, usable, and secure by performing thorough quality assurance testing during the mobile app development process. Our bespoke team of mobile app developers prepare varied test cases that address different aspects of app testing. Our app testers run myriad tests on the mobile apps to check usability and functionality, such as compatibility testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing, API testing, and more. We perform test steps, record test results for software quality evaluation, and track fixes for retesting. 

  1. App modernisation

Our team migrates the legacy apps to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality that helps provide the latest functions to the business. We offer a variety of modernization options, ranging from re-platforming, recoding, re-hosting, interoperability, re-engineering, re-architecture, replacement, and retirement. Our mobile app developers assist you with changes to the application architecture to help you clarify which option is best suited to your business.







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