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Page Post Engagement

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Page Post Engagement is the technique to reach to the people through your post. Page Post Engagement includes different activities on your Facebook page such as likes on your post or page, post clicks, shares, comments or post images. For determining the overall engagement rate, combine all the points of engagement and then divided by the total clicks of the post in any form.

Increase the Viewers with the Help of Page Post Engagement

Facebook Page Post Engagement helps you to share information about your business in the circle of with people. This helps in understanding of what kind of post, content or images people likes by sharing, liking or commenting on your post. At ARM Worldwide, we have the team of experts and professionals who know the basic strategy and offering the best Page Post Engagement Services which results in increasing the viewers and activities on your company’s post.

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Basic Strategy for Page Post Engagement

We have the team of experts, who understand the importance of your business and gives their best to achieve your goals.Here, some points are describing which following by our experts to increase engagement.

  • Post in a photo contains 39% more attraction
  • Shorter post can get 23% more attraction
  • Using with the particular emotions increases comments by 33% to the Post Engagement
  • Question post can gets 100% attraction like shares, comments
  • For participate in contents only, 35% viewers can attend the post
Find More about Post Engagement
  • Photo Post Engagement: Here, the image is of high quality and 1,200 x 900 pixels best for the news feed. For the help the grid tool is provided by the Facebook.
  • Video Post Engagement: Up to 40 minutes video can be spotted by the audience. In this video engagement, 90 characters are ok for description and 25 for title is recommended.
  • Text Page Post Engagement: Here, the simple text can be displayed. Maximum 500 characters are recommended. But try to include whole post in 150 characters instead of 500.

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