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Rich Snippets

Increase search engine visibility and drive more traffic

Snippets refer to various ways directed to bring improvements in the visibility of any content on search engines by allowing the search engine giant of Google to understand specific data in better way. Webmasters may choose for Rich Snippet Services from our ARM Worldwide Group for their offered products, services, courses, reviews, events, recipes, videos and applications or software solutions.

Rich Snippets
Snippets via WP Plugins

In order to deliver services related to Rich Snippets, we install WordPress plugins containing rich snippets and configuration of settings, entering of the data for each applicable post or web page and later on, utilization of the testing tool of structured data by Google to make sure about its proper operation.

Based on our qualifications, we may help you in each step towards your way. In addition, when our Rich Snippet Services find all said and properly done, we may be able to get improved click through rates thereby, bring improvements in search engine ranks while simultaneously, increased website traffic.

Coding of Snippets via HTML or Data Highlighter

Other than utilization of WP plugins, our professionals help you by following few other ways to add Rich Snippets in your various search results. For this, we code snippets by the help of simple HTML or apply a data highlighter. Google search engine also recommends for an HTML5 option referred mainly as micro data.

How Our Snippet Solutions are Beneficial to Clients

Until now, our offered Rich Snippets solutions have benefitted our clients/webmasters in following important ways:

  • Drastic Boost in Credibility
    Our ARM Worldwide professionals provide you with authorship ratings and photos to make your list as appearing reliable and trustworthy for your target customers.
  • Draws Attention to Clients’ Urls
    Addition of relevant Rich Snippets in the form of important lines, images and other media, we put efforts to draw attention of online browsers towards Urls or links of our client website and online business..
  • Boost in Indexing Speed
    One of the prime reasons, for which we always focus on providing you with Rich Snippets Services, is that such activities allow Google to crawl and update the rank of your website within less span of time as possible.

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