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Software now has a far greater influence as society becomes increasingly digitally integrated. It advances a smarter world and raises the level of living while also improving business opportunities. In addition to its influence on industry and commerce, software nowadays is essential to every aspect of everyday life.


Software testing techniques ranging from unit testing to comprehensive regression testing that maximises performance improves scalability, and maintains top-notch product quality are used in quality assurance to guarantee the high quality and dependability of software products. #ARM helps you implement a broad range of activities that include test automation planning, tool analysis, maintenance, and test script implementation in order to speed up total test coverage with the highest level of quality. 


Expedite your quality assurance testing method by implementing a large set of functions that encompass test automation planning, tool analysis, maintenance and implementation of test scripts to accelerate overall test coverage with utmost quality. To ensure the top quality and dependability of software products, techniques ranging from unit testing to comprehensive regression testing are used.  This maximises performance, enhances scalability and maintains the top-notch quality of products.


  • Functional Testing

We verify that the software system complies with all functional requirements and produces the desired results. Functional testing is implemented by our skilled QA testing team with keen attention to the application’s user interface, database, security application, APIs, client or server application, and related functionality.

  • Performance Testing

You can get away with longer load times, slow responsiveness, and instability using #ARM. Our extensive expertise in software behaviour analysis under load and stress and executive quality checks for performance testing provide flawless, dependable, and intelligent applications.

  • Security Testing

By allowing security testing with each release, you can identify potential flaws in your running apps. A skilled group of test engineers who work on our QA testing services do penetration testing and risk assessments to protect apps from hackers and other malicious threats.

  • Usability Testing

We watch how the application behaves when multiple functions are being utilised simultaneously. Then, we offer software testing services that analyse user behaviour in great detail to spot potential usability issues early on and produce a flawless product.

  • Compatibility Testing

We investigate the potential for compatibility testing using #ARM’s software testing services. These services test an application across several browsers,, hardware, operating systems, commerce server infrastructure, and resolution gadgets.

Our automation testing specialists develop a road map for your organisational requirements and provide technology solutions to reduce costs, cut time-to-market, and significantly raise the calibre of the final product. The diversified experience of #ARM with various test automation tools and manual testing can help your business choose the best for its needs and budget.


Manual Testing

Automated testing

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