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Software Testing Assurance

#ARM Worldwide’s software testing services help businesses develop a consistent quality assurance strategy to ensure the safety and reliability of their software products. The approach to selecting the type of testing for a client’s software product depends on the nature and requirements of the project. An informed and carefully considered choice is based on analysis by our software testing assurance team and considers the need for flexibility, ease of use, and the strengths and weaknesses of each test type in each case.

How we help?

At #ARM Worldwide, we provide a wide range of software testing services and solutions to next-generation businesses and ISVs worldwide. Our experienced and highly qualified quality assurance professionals have a practical and comprehensive understanding of the challenges companies face during their digital transformation journey. We offer a plethora of software testing services, including:

  1. Manual and automated testing

Our experts specialize in manual and automated testing of software across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. We run tests both manually and automatically to detect bugs and errors in the software and eliminate intricacies during the development stage. Our team puts forward the maximum effort to reduce the cost of fixing and enrich usability, compatibility, and flexibility. In the manual testing process, our team begins the journey with requirement analysis, then prepares a test plan and design cases to test your software. We then execute the test cases to track bugs and prepare a final test report to present. For automated testing, our team starts the process by developing a test automation strategy, then sets up and configures the environment, and sets up an automated preparation of comprehensive data input and output combinations. As part of the automated testing process, our team runs UI testing, API testing, and performance testing, migrates the test scripts developed and implements CI/CD pipeline. 

  1. Performance testing

We help companies identify, analyze, and fix issues that adversely affect product performance during peak loads. Our team helps predict your application’s performance and behaviour in a simulated environment. Our experienced team of testers ensure that the application is reliable and responsive, running flawlessly even under peak loads, product releases, new customers, business growth, regulatory changes, etc. allowing it to scale for future events. From load testing to scalability testing to stability testing, we cover a wide range of tests on system response time, memory usage, CPU utilization, API speed, and other performance parameters.

  1. Mobile App testing

From app features that work and don’t, to mobile technology details such as screen resolution, mobile gestures, and operating system, our mobile app test engineers can identify the potential impact on app performance and functionality. Examine all factors. We test mobile apps developed for different platforms and devices to ensure they provide a great, feature-rich user experience and are 100% bug-free. We use the most advanced mobile testing tools and techniques to provide end-to-end mobile testing app services to help you get your product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Functionality testing

A well-functioning application has the potential to bring happiness to your business and grow your customer base even further. Our expertise in functional testing and evaluation ensures that your application works exactly as expected. Our QA testing specialist specializes in providing functional testing as part of his QA services for multiple platforms including desktop, mobile, cloud and web service testing. Our support helps you identify issues early in the product life cycle, improve new features, and minimize rework.

  1. API testing

Our fundamental approach to API testing is to create a dynamic and robust test plan. Initially, we group all test cases by test category. Then, we run the test with the most expected and very typical results first. Prioritizing API function calls can make the whole testing process easier and faster. Our team ensures bug testing to deliver seamless applications that deliver consistent performance. Apart from that, we use an automated API testing service to automate our testing as much as possible.

  1. Usability testing

Our usability test service provides businesses with powerful insights into their website or app functionality from a user’s perspective. Our professional crowdtesters test the products for usability with a vast array of devices running different versions, platforms, and browsers, and give discreet feedback. We create multiple test parameters during the testing process, and initiate them to get real-time usability test results. 

  1. Compatibility testing 

#ARM Worldwide provides comprehensive compatibility testing services and infrastructure designed specifically for digital devices. Our testers cover the entire application lifecycle, from planning and design to deployment and monitoring. We test the right combination for your environment, regardless of the type of digital product or service, to ensure quality and improved user service levels.




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