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Craft Highly Polished Mobile Apps


ARM is a leading name when it comes to consulting and developing Windows mobile apps. Till date, we developed thousands of them and believe me, all our clients are quite satisfied. Our client list includes leading names from all industries.

If you check out the history of Windows OS, you might find several changes; as of now, the user base has increased to a great extent. Even the methodologies have witnessed a drastic change.

As a famous iOS development company, ARM has developed various successful and challenging applications for Windows mobile.

Tablets and smartphones are quite vital for enhancing the strategy of the business. We know how important world-class apps are and hence, we offer scalable, secure and smart solutions. Not only technically rich applications are offered, but even the expectations of the users are kept in mind so that good success is obtained.

Comprehensive services are offered; we strategize, implement and support you to develop a good project.


At ARM, we have an awesome team of project managers and developers who have a good grip over this platform. Updates are made as per the latest versions.


Our design team is awesome and designers ensure to bring perfect art work and designs to the app so that it becomes engaging and intuitive.


Our applications are competent enough and good enough for various technologies like C++, J2ME, Net Compact Framework etc. Moreover, even porting from 1 platform to the other is possible.

Plug and Play

Our apps contain plug and play solutions and over 100 APIs so that time to market is rapid.

Prices are competitive

The best strategies and practices are employed by us and the prices are quite competitive. Our strategies are very agile and hence, the development process is boosted in the best way. Even the expenses are lowered to a great extent.

ARM is an innovative company of application development; we love customizing such solutions for clients. Believe us, we can create magical effect on the users. We are quite passionate about Windows Mobile development and want to deliver something above the expectations. The application will be tested thoroughly through rigorous processes and unique solutions are offered to each client.

Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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