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Isn’t Friday the happiest day of the week for most of us mere mortals? Well, SoDelhi must have had that in mind when they invited a host of influencers, digital agencies and brands to the second edition Confluence at The Lalit, New Delhi last Friday. The summit if you may, endeavors to bring together on a single platform the brief givers (brands), the brief ideators (agencies) and the brief executors (influencers) from various verticals of the industry to network and discuss the evolution of the nascent yet extremely dynamic industry of digital influencers (formerly known as bloggers).

We are sure by now a lot of you must be a little puzzled by the word, ‘Confluence’ or as Digant Sharma, Co-Founder So Delhi often quotes ‘Confluencers’. According to the nice folks at SoDelhi, its short for Content Influencers.

Anyway, coming to the ARM Worldwide part of things, the event also had a few panel discussions exploring upon some existential questions the industry dwells with. Yours truly and our Rockstar Founder & CEO, Ritesh Singh was moderating one very interesting panel discussion exploring ‘How to bridge the gap between Brands & Influencers’ (Oops Confluencers). The esteemed panel included Abhinav Rajput (Co-Founder Beam and Words), Prince Khanna (Founder and CEO Eleve Media), Diksha Sethi (Account Director Avian Media) and Karan Bhandari (VP – Head Digital and Consumer Marketing, Weber Shandwick).

Ritesh kick-started the discussion with an attempt to understand who would we call influencers. The panel almost unanimously agreed that with the advent of social media, any individual with a social/digital following is an influencer irrespective of platform or content type. Taking the conversation of the hour forward, Ritesh probed the panel to bust the industry myths and truths about the typical brand briefs that agencies receive, the need to educate brands as a digital partner on quality over quantity side of influence, the role of agencies in bridging the crucial gap between brands and influencers, the fad of trending amongst brands and the significance of understanding the right influencer fit for brands & vice versa.

The discussion brought about some interesting anecdotes from the panelists, some powerful statements, the unanimous focus on the importance of content in the game of influence and some sure cheat codes to narrow the gap between them brands and influencers.

To give you some highlights, Diksha spoke how the digital maturity of brands in India still needs a lot of evolving to do and the same goes for the content maturity of influencers. She shared some client stories to highlight how agencies have a very pivotal role to play in that cycle of evolution both at brand and influencer side. Prince rightfully emphasized on the need of saying no to brands from both the agency and influencer end. He added that every activity and deliverables need to be mapped back to the objective and analyzed if it’s worth it before agreeing upon the execution of the same. Karan beautifully answered an audience question of what is the parameter of quality, ‘It’s like when you go to watch a movie. What will make you enjoy it? What would make you share your experience about it? What would make you recommend it? What would make you re-watch it? It’s all about the right story-telling.’

And to sum it up, our very own Ritesh took to an audience question of ‘If content is king, is marketing the Queen?’ with a hero-like climactic dialogue we hope you will be using quite a lot, ‘If content is King, Consumer is Queen!’

There were some other interesting & enlightening discussions that happened as well. Our favorite being the candid chat with Naina Redhu. Her honesty was inspiring and her unapologetic bluntness refreshing. More power to her!

Some intriguing pitches were presented to Armani Exchange (also the sponsors of the event) by Pallavi Chaturvedi (That Desi Girl), Devyani Kapoor (Breviloquent) and Faizan Patel.

A special mention for Emcee Sid Sood, the man who killed it holding together a very attention deficit audience we digital millennials make. Kudos!

All in all, it was indeed a Friyay with SoDelhi and the wonderful exchange that happened with the digital community. Here’s hoping you guys learning and shared as much as we did. May the next Confluence have more answers than questions with an even bigger and enlightened community.

Till then sending some positive Monday vibes to all you Digital Ninjas!

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