How to Create Influence through Social Media?



The dynamics behind building a fan-base is always a long and stretched process, be it for a big brand or for a start-up. The key behind this is based on finding the right type of information to post and then to share it amongst people who matter.


Here are a few points which will help you to influence your audience :

1. Content is the Kingpin

Content increases the pace at which you can attract new social media followers. The right kind of content, if posted on social media platforms travels way beyond the current followers you have, thanks to sharing.

2. That 7 seconds of fun element

While fans browse your profile, make sure you have enough eye catchy creatives with the right kind of content there. Regardless of what your brand tone is, make sure fans enjoy your content and makes them laugh and also motivates them.

3. Visual Treat

Invest time in ensuring your images are as good as your messages. Sit and workout on the ways people interact with your images. If on Facebook, people share your content because of the creative, come up with ways in which you’ll compose tweets on Twitter and tell people to share your images. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text and so let’s make things look prettier than ever.

4.Network your Employees

People are watching you and your employees. So make sure, you send your  employees “lazy tweets,” pre-crafted tweets that they can simply copy and
paste into their own streams and make a buzz about their working place. This will help people know and reach you.

5.Capture your Influencers

Spend time researching who your influencers are and find ways to mention them so as they have a reason to reshare  or retweet your content. This will help you broadcast your brand name to their followers. In this way, influencers spread the word about you, and help you earn new followers and possibly new leads and customers.
Things will definitely become easy, once you follow these simple set of rules. So follow our simple Social Media fundas, keep influencing people and do not forget, to keep it short and simple silly.

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