Sponsored Selfies, Twitter CEO Closure, Content for Kids on YouTube, and Check Ins to Save Kittens: This Week In Digital - #ARM Worldwide



This Week In Digital - ARM Worldwide Media Pvt LtdHello, October! This week has been a wonder ride for popular platforms while they reinvent themselves.

With kicking in to the last quarter of the year, October will act as the preparatory period for brands working on festive campaigns in India and abroad. The highlights of this week are following as we roundup this week in Digital.

Snapchat is working on an ad platform for brands towards Sponsored Selfies


Lately, Snapchat announced Lenses on their apps across platforms and it became an instant hit. With features to make you puke rainbows, Snapchat users showed an affinity towards using lenses on their selfies. Now, imagine them being brand owned? Snapchat is reportedly working on an advertising platform to let brands create sponsored lenses for the platform.

With brand-wiseness, these sponsored lenses can be used for greater campaigns and drive viral culture over the platform. With the festive season already around the corner, the release of sponsored lenses on Snapchat will help brands create beautiful campaigns around user generated content and of course, leverage the platform’s viral following to the next step.

Jack Dorsey will continue as the CEO of Twitter, permanently

Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter

After releasing a dozen of new stuff on Twitter, the board is unanimous on turning the role permanent for current Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. Dorsey was appointed as the interim CEO after Dick Costolo stepped down in June this year. While the board still insists Dorsey to be 100% dedicated to Twitter in his role, he also shares his time to serve as the CEO of his founded mobile payments company Square.

There still exists a chance for Adam Bain, the head of revenue at Twitter to score for the position. Though, the public sentiment towards Jack Dorsey continues as the company stock value rises by 2.3% after this news leaked out this week.

YouTube is getting serious about Content for Kids


After the release of its Kids app seven months ago, YouTube is working serious to push boundaries for the app on mobile platform. Recently, they released an update across platform to enable streaming content from YouTube Kids app to Chromecast on a TV. YouTube has also partnered with National Geographic Kids and other popular kids content companies to showcase their existing material and create new content exclusively for the platform.

This seriousness towards the mobile accessibility of a app for kids hints us the chances of the content type getting bigger and better. While there isn’t much on the internet towards high-quality content for kids, the future for this segment is brightest. A major population will access the internet on a hand-held mobile device someday and a large percent of it will be non-adults. With this in mind, capturing the target group that’s minor in age makes better sense for brands in business to cater this audience, specially toy brands and education hubs.

Every Check-in on Swarm by Foursquare will help Save a Kitten

Foursquare is serious about its properties than ever. After several associations like OpenTable, they are stepping into something that is more personal to their users. Now, Foursquare wants to save kittens for every user check-in they get on their Swarm app.

Foursquare is working with Alley Cat Rescue to help them save stray kittens. For every check-in made on Swarm in next two weeks, Foursquare will donate an undisclosed amount to the organisation. They have also released a limited-time “Grumpy Cat” sticker on the app as an easter egg for users.

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