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    [Guide]- 10 Key Things to Know About Influencer Marketing & Digital PR

    The way social media was a buzz word in 2008, influencer marketing is going through the same nowadays. Back then I still remember how I had to explain, "what", "why" and "how" of social media to our prospective new clients.…

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    5 Things You Must Do Before Attending an Event

    With the markets expanding, competition has accentuated for industry players across every sector. From one-sided communication, it has now come to an interactive model between the owners and consumers across multiple platforms. Corporates are massively investing on two pillars -…

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    Best 5 Things to Keep in Mind while Writing an Effective Digital PR

    With an ever increasing focus on content creation and hence marketing that content effectively, a large focus is on the distribution channels and effectively disseminating that content to the people who can not just consume it but also effectively pass…

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    Scoring Ahead: Venturing into Professional Training with SCoRe

    We at ARM Worldwide are super excited to announce our collaborative effort with Indian School of Communications and Reputation (SCoRe) towards providing training in the Digital PR sector, establishing it further as a critical mandate in Digital Marketing. We would…

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