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    Not a moment too soon: Respond, Don’t React

    Close your eyes. Go on, do it. Now imagine driving a car in heavy, slow-moving traffic. Picture a bike rider coming from the opposite direction, losing his balance & bumping into your car. What would you do? Did you imagine yourself…

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    Accepting Feedback: Directly Propositional to Success

    Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom - these are a few things humans have aspired for, yearned for and toiled hard for to make things around them better, to be better. Most of us look at successful people and the first thing we usually…

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    Trustworthy Leadership: Where Team Engagement is the Key

    Recently, we underwent an Intrapreneur Training Program to groom us all at #ARM to be 'In-house Entrepreneurs' and to grow at a faster pace so as to take a step towards leading the organisation to desired results. The series of…

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    Starting with the Little Things: Ownership at Work

    “Sometimes, little things make a big difference...” ― Nino Varsimashvili It’s not just a great memorable quote from the movie “Little Things” but something that I never thought of until I got an opportunity to attend the #ARMpreneur programme and…

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    Goal Setting: Where Simple is the New Big

    Few days ago, I opened the door on a new learning experience with through an Intrapreneur Training programme. The training was meant to help us work as "In-House Entrepreneurs" or, Intrapreneurs. We went through a series of activities but the one…

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    Multitasking, it’s not Injurious to Your Work

    The virtue of human behavior and its capability is that we don't know the limit. We tend to witness marvelous work all our life but never understand the reason why we are not a part of it. The most common…

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    Managing Time, The Most Precious Resource We Have

    While I’m going to talk about time management, it would be a good disclosure to say that I’m still a learner and the following is my learnings from the #ARMpreneur programme I’m a part of, at the organisation. Without much…

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    Teamwork: When Doing It Together is Better and Fun

    We all have had experiences that have helped us and the ones around to evolve. Experiences that had lessons to learn from, experiences that have enabled us to grow. It was one of those regular days in office and then “ARMpreneurs”,  a…

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    We are in the Business of Creating History!

    As a community of marketing professionals, all of us are working to create something new, something which can deliver magic for the brand and many of us have been creators, enablers and or spectators of some of most astonishing successes.…

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