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We all have had experiences that have helped us and the ones around to evolve. Experiences that had lessons to learn from, experiences that have enabled us to grow. It was one of those regular days in office and then “ARMpreneurs”,  a 20-member team from our workplace selected for a two day residential workshop, was announced!

I felt fortunate to be a part of this however, with apprehensions. Keeping all doubts aside I decided to brace up myself. After all this was my first experience at a professional “personal development workshop”.

I visualised a group of experienced leaders teaching, sharing and helping us learn.  To my surprise it was completely the opposite. Amongst a casual environment, eased with fun and laughter, our session took off. We were randomly divided into groups where both participants and facilitators shared their experiences. Listening to everyone, the perception we had took a bend.

The complete session threw light on the value of being an Intrapreneur. The specific skills that were focussed were aptly chosen and well curated. I was honestly nervous, during each activity. However, the tougher it got the clearer the learning became.

To most, it might mean “just another” training session/corporate session but, to me it raised a lot of questions that it got me thinking about my style of working. One of the critical lessons I have learned that extends beyond workplace.

Great leaders appreciate every job that is done well. A well done job is achieved through “Teamwork”. A super achievers group is a diverse group of performers each skilled in their own space. Teamwork speeds up the learning and decision making. It’s fun being in a team, as everybody accomplishes more.

So how do you go about building a super achiever team at work? At the new-age work environment more work is happening in teams that requires teamwork.

Be on the same platform

A common vision keeps the herd together. It’s best to involve all the team members in framing the vision/ common mind-set. People work harder and are most effective when they have a sense of choice and ownership.

Establishing measurable Goals

Measurable goals are achievable. People would love to have quarterly objectives and checkpoints to outline their advancement. There is no harm in setting stretch objectives meaning setting sub points of confinement which are shared. One of the advantages of stretch objectives is that it ensures that all the members of the group contribute equally.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Encourage risk taking and experiments and build a culture of celebrating big failures rather than hiding it. This will help and ensure that the team members don’t hesitate or shy away once they encounter failure. Everybody should learn from each other’s failures so that it does not get repeated. Failures should be seen as  the key to success.

Express and let other express

It’s not necessary to always agree but its important to listen to others and stop judging. It is important to let your team members openly express their opinion and don’t put words in their mouth.

Work Hard & Party Harder

Socializing, partying, awards and outings are bonds that link members of the team to one another and to the group as a whole. This increases performance of the team and is one of the easier ways to build well connected team.

Follow the motto of work hard and play harder. Team that creates avenues of having fun together, stays together for a longer time. However, just partying and not following other principals of making effective teams is a waste of time and effort.

Diversity wins

High performing teams are made of diverse groups and they learn to use each team member’s strengths and avoid exposing others weaknesses. Successful teams cover for each other and appreciate the diverse skill sets the team members bring forward. Resolving conflicts without letting the other team member down is one of the most important ingredients of a dream team.

Teams are one of the best ways to accomplish goals, the key to successful team building lies in identifying roles, jobs, tasks, rewards and objectives with the team, not with individuals.

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