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“For last month’s words belong to last month’s language and next month’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot

What better way to start the month than with a relaxing weekend knocking on the door. As we welcome August at #ARM Worldwide with a renewed vigour and more enthusiasm than ever, what better way than doing what we love the most and bringing you a roundup of everything in the world of Digital on this wonderful Friday. So, as we search for newer voices but stick to our old habits in this new month, here is a quick recap of what made the headlines in the last week of July 2014 in the Digital world.

Shazaam comes to Mac with always Listening Feature


The popular music recognition app on mobile OS platforms like iOS and Android, Shazaam has landed on Mac OSX. Users of Mac computers can install Shazaam, free of cost from Apple’s App store and the app will live right on your menubar. The app has an always on listening feature for 3 hours after which it goes to sleep. While it is always listening, the app keeps a record of all the music it has recognized playing on your Mac or nearby locations using the built in microphone. You can share the tracks via Facebook or twitter just like in the mobile app.

Alibaba set to finance Snapchat


When Snapchat declined the offer of $3 billion from Facebook and $4 billion from Google for acquisition earlier this year, it surprised and bamboozled everyone. Everyone in the tech world felt, they would never get a better offer and should have encashed. However, looks like someone at Snapchat had been negotiating behind the doors a deal that world definitely be one of the biggest in the modern tech space. The Chinese internet giants Alibaba, as reported by Bloomberg is reportedly financing Snapchat, raising the value of the self destructing messaging app to $10 billion. Alibaba has recently invested in other major Social Media platforms in China such as Weibo and the investment in Snapchat could be a way to enhance its presence in US, where the company plans to have its IPO at NYSE.

Medium enters the Paid Content market with BMW as the first sponsor

Medium- Reform

Medium has often been referred to as being the future of Online Content publishing. The platform so far was used as a one off blogging space, but the move towards paid content has opened great venues for those who wish to engage influencers with their brand in the content marketing space. Taking the lead on the front is BMW who have a commitment of at least 100 stories on Medium, which will be all around design in order to establish a connection between their BMW Series 4 cars and the audience. You can read the first paid content on Medium and all about how BMW is leveraging the platform right here.

After GIFS, Memes and Vines, will Coubs be the next big thing?

Memes, Gifs and Vines have been a sensation on the internet cause of their ability to bring short, eye catchy and entertaining content to users without burning the bandwidth. It is the plug and play in any situation nature of the content that has made the likes of Vines, Gifs and Memes so popular with several brands taking them on board to produce viral content. The next name to this list could well be that of Coubs. Coubs are basically a cross between Vines and Gifs and the platform is named after a Russian Company with the same name, which is behind its inception. Coubs let you set a short video or a series of pictures to a track, music or audio of your choice. Its basically vine with plenty of customizations. Go ahead and explore some interesting Coubs on their website, right here.

Motorola Moto G drives Motorola to the 4th spot in the units sold per vendor in the Indian Market

Canalys- Smartphone Indian Market

The Motorola Moto G was the first smartphone in India to successfully capture the massive empty space in the middle tier of the Indian smartphone market. It was perhaps the very first Android phone in the sub Rs 13,000 segment that you could really recommend and use yourself. This move not only saw Motorola make a successful comeback in the Indian market, but also has propelled the company to the fourth largest smartphone vendor in India, pushing Nokia in the fifth spot, according to the latest Canalys report. Motorola has seen at least 955,650 devices shipped in the last Quarter, a huge rise from the 379,310 figure of Q1. Samsung and Micromax continue to dominate the Indian markets.

Infographic Share of the Week

The featured infographic on our blog today is a beautiful work done by folks at Webdam. The infographic talks about the trends as well as the numbers of Digital Marketing when it comes to 2014. The infographic gives out interesting perspectives as well as predictions, especially a huge push towards the content marketing space, which definitely seems to have been validated, with renowned brands such as BMW making the push on platforms like Medium.


So, thats a wrap for the digital roundup for this week. Like every week, we will be back on Friday with another roundup, in the meanwhile, make sure you are following us on all our Social platforms to keep tabs on the developments in the exciting world of #ARM Worldwide.

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