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Years come and years go, they leave a trail of memories for us to reflect upon. The difference between today and fifty years ago is, today our memories are digital. We may call our array of devices or gadgets as something to keep us connected to people, but come to think of it, they are our memory carriers, our precious memory carriers. So, as we set to say a fond farewell to 2013 and unwrap the gift that 2014 will be, here are the six theories that defined 2013 for us.


The Big Cloud Theory

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with open arms, surely we would have special update across the social platforms for our friends and family. With 39% of the total 7.1 Billion population on the internet, imagine the data that would be shared just around the new year. This is precisely what big data is. And to store this big data is a problem that has haunted us and continues to do so. However, 2013 saw the adaption rates of Cloud services grow and we finally moved towards solution beyond local storage. In 2014 though, Cloud Cover would be bigger and denser. As Forbes puts it, “companies will not only look for broader cloud business process suites as described above, but they will also expect these applications to look and perform similarly, and interact with one another seamlessly.” Hybrid cloud services with scalability of public cloud service and security of private cloud service would be where 2014 would head. Technologies such as No SQL, MongoDB clusters were used to map the data the data in 2013. The servers used as of now are on hybrid of RackSpace Cloud & Amazon AWS with larger sets of I/O values. The real challenge in 2013 was capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization of a particular hashtag when executing a large scale campaign. Tools such as Topsy, Social ORM would be a big market in 2014.

The Personalisation Theory

No two individuals like their coffees same, we all have preferences and we love to exercise that right. In 2013 we saw the dawn of personalization in services and devices.

The Product Piece

2013 saw devices such as Motorola Moto X aiming at presenting technology to you in the flavor you most enjoyed it. With more than 508 options available to customize your Moto X with the Moto Maker tool, this was the first step in the direction of personalization. Apple had done things like engraving your names on device before, Motorola took it a step beyond. With project Aria, the modular phone product also around the corner, 2014 will be the year when technology will be served to you the way you like it. OEMs have already started releasing their devices in several colors as a result.

The Services Piece

The shift in mentality from product to services will be more apparent in 2014. More apps will have access to your data making remarketing a key doll to shoot at in 2014. Social Media will continue to pile advertisements on and Google+ has already experimented with using your personal information such as images or biography, and personalization would definitely be bigger in 2014 than ever before.

The Convergence Theory

Convergence was big in 2013. Several on ground campaigns such as HappierDiwali saw on ground activity captured beautifully on platforms such as Vine and Youtube and converged them online. Campaigns such as the Coco Cola campaign where every time a person in Pakistan and India happen to hug the machine at the same time, the two win a Coke will become more and more popular in 2014. Bringing the action from the on ground activity to digital platforms will be an interesting challenge in 2014 and one where innovators and early adapters will hold keys to opening the doors that so far remain safely shut.

The technology to help us converge is almost at the doorstep

‘Glasshole’, ‘Glasswhore’ etc were just some of the classy insults that someone sporting the Google Glass was showered upon. 2013 saw the first batch of Explorer edition of Google Glass come out. Yes, it is a little scary to think that the person right opposite to you on a sweet winter date with a weird looking frame across his face may easily be able to capture a picture of yours or even record a video, but there is something Sci- Fi like excitement to it too. Google Glass is like your entire digital world, literally before your eyes. No need to look down and into your smartphones when you are walking, no pain of checking your text messages while driving, Google Glass, when it comes to safe road ethics is a huge winner. There are still challenges and obstacles for the product to come to everyday consumers like me and you, but if it does, we predict this would be a huge hit. A first in the world of tech wearable, and it sure would have an avalanche effect where several more players will join in. So, for starting the revolution, and taking the first shot at it, the Google Glass is a worthy member of our list.

The No Guess Theory

Security in 2013 raised plenty of concerns. With NSA snooping all your moves, everybody was more cautious than ever when sharing any information. Although we cannot escape the likes of NSA in the short term, some of the broader security concerns such as that of password theft have been dealt with using the likes of KeyChain which came with Mavericks on OSX. Tech went a step forward and we had the iPhone 5s which bought with it biometric sensors to enhance the security of your smartphone with Touch ID after failed attempts from the likes of Motorola in the Atrix 2. Retina scanners may well be the next big thing in 2014 and security will definitely be on the forefront of agendas of things to do in 2014 of every major OEM.

The Fast and HyperFast Theory

Every era, is defined by one man taking it by the scruff of it’s neck and rewriting it by bringing his unreal fantasies to life. These are the men that make a difference.

The Product piece

We have seen Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and the likes do it before, a man that definitely deserves a mention is Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla Motors is one of the most recognized faces and still has a long way to go still, but Elon came up with a conceptual idea that stumped just about every single one of us. The first design of the Hyperloop was released in August of 2013. It is an idea that if it comes to life will revolutionize traffic much like airplanes did. Hyperloops is a transport system that includes high pressure tubes that carry passengers. It is powered by induction motors and air compressors. Much like electric cars, the concept will take time to come to life, but the concept and the idea are just so futuristic and exciting. The average speed of the first hyper loop is expected to be around 932 kmph covering a distance of 540 km between LA and San Francisco Bay area in just 35 minutes. It is indeed the fifth mode of transport and one that we would love to see come true.

The Services piece

Another interesting development was when Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon plans to start a delivery via drones at places which are within the 30 minute distance from their warehouses, industry experts thought it was a marketing ploy to garner attention towards Amazon and the Holiday Sales. Yes, it did get people to talk about Amazon but it blew the wind out of every room where the demo was watched on the likes of Youtube. Imagine this for a second, you are at your home, chilling, and decide to order an HDMI cable. You are too lazy to walk to the warehouse and pick one, but you want it now. The next moment you know, you are outside your house, waiting for an octacopter to land and give you your product and fly back. Wow, that is painting the perfect scenery where technology made life so simple. With Amazon, pretty serious about the market in India, are we too hopeful of seeing drones in India too when the delivery finally goes live in the US? Who knows, but like that wise man sang, ‘I know i am a dreamer, but i am not the only one’

The Renewable Theory

Renewables were big in 2013. According to the information, about 15% of energy produced in Germany was via renewable energies such as Solar and Wind energy. With power requirement more than ever and the fuel prices shooting through the roof, renewable will play a major role in the coming year. According to an industry expert, more than 40 Giga-Watt of Power in 2014 would come solely from Solar Power Plants which is an amazing number. As much as we love technology, we must not forget about our affair with mother nature, and as we shift towards technology that is cleaner and greener, not only are we going to reduce the risk of picking up diseases, we are doing the noble task of passing on earth in the best possible shape that we can to the forthcoming generations. Mini Hydros, Electric vehicles, alternate fuels are some of the things to certainly keep an eye on when it comes to technology evolution in 2014. Although a lot of these projects commenced in 2013, 2014 would certainly be the year to tell how far can they go when scaled up commercially.

These were the six theories that really inspired us in 2013. 2014 will be bigger and better when it comes to technology, no doubt. If you have a tech theory either from 2013 or for 2014, do share them with us. Let us know in the section below. And while you do that, here’s wishing each and everyone of you and yours a splendid new year, one where the power always resides on your side.

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