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This Week #InDigital


State of media through pandemic

  • Desktop searches have increased to 8-10 hours due to COVID-19. So, Google Ads scripts came into existence to create charts that plot click and conversion percentages pertaining to devices, days and hours of the day. The script can be used in a single Google Ads account or in an MCC.
  • Amazon Ads announced the availability of product targeting via Seller Central on Sponsored Display with an expanded capability to reach shoppers browsing similar or complementary product type and category.
  • In a post Covid-19 world, KPMG claims traditional ad-spend pressures will linger despite the weak economy. To combat this challenge, a change in consumption habits to consume more of digital media must be brought in.


Where’s all the traffic?

  • Amid the pandemic, the propagation of ‘Coronacontent’ created a dilemma around what content to be created and how to differentiate it. SEO to remain proactive more than reactive while building content to cater to the post-pandemic challenges that will be faced by the businesses.
  • Google expands its COVID-19 search experience by introducing ‘Help and Information’ box, COVID-19 Alert sidebar and the Statistics panel. These features are manual updates that Google has made to the search results without any specific algorithm.
  • With the transition to the new Search Console, Google opened the floodgates pertaining to the data that would be relevant to overall SEO strategies. In the performance report found in the Search Console dashboard, one can zero in on a query’s click, impression, and average search ranking data.


Stay home; Stay trending

  • Burger King modified its nickname to “Stay Home of the Whopper” to encourage fans to stay home and order delivery during the pandemic. Various questions will be posted on their social handles for a week to unlock a promo code for a free sandwich.
  • HDFC Bank propelled the #HDFCBankSafetyGrid campaign to reinforce social distancing by utilizing the outer grid of HDFC Bank’s logo that stands for ‘Trust’. The bank made physical markers on the ground to ensure that individuals follow the prescribed “social” distance by WHO while queuing up at a store.
  • Godrej’s campaign film #HumSabHomeMakers encourages people to help at home and take pride in doing so. It also features its employees and captures a beautiful change via multiple slice of life shots to depict ‘life during lockdown’.


Creativity set FREE during COVID19

  • Shutterstock launched a new resource hub for COVID-19 related content and tools which includes free visuals to be used by small and medium-sized businesses. A range of guides and advice posts are available to enhance visual efforts and customize visual content.
  • Google helps businesses to create short, promotional videos for Youtube with the launch of a free beta tool called YouTube Video Builder. It permits the businesses to create 6 secs or 15 secs videos using a variety of layouts during COVID-19.
  • Facebook provides a set of ready-to-use templates to help businesses amidst COVID-19 to inform customers that they can still shop online and place orders, reach out to the community for support, share links to buy gift cards and express gratitude to customers.


Social amidst social distancing

  • Facebook releases ‘Quiet Mode’ feature which lets the users mute all notifications to promote off-screen time and address the growing concerns about the impact of technology on mental health. It complements the ‘Your Time’ feature to offer relief in times of COVID-19.
  • Instagram DM and Live have been added to the desktop browsing site to connect with the audience in a more enhanced manner. A separate URL for live broadcasts is provided for cross-promotion of the stream on other platforms.
  • Pinterest adds new eco-friendly and sustainable product range from 21 small and medium-sized businesses to its Shop feature. It provides promotion for those impacted by COVID-19, while also aligning with rising trends on the platform to gain more exposure and reach out to the active audience.

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