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Rule The Digital Realm

Conquer the competition

  • Spend your budget wisely to achieve positive ROI and take advantage of the lower acquisition costs due to less competition.
  • Make your content ‘Infotaining’- contextually informative, relevant and entertaining.
  • Don’t halt. Use this opportunity to outlast and outrank your competitors on Google.

Evolving trends for emails

  • Witness a lift of 5-10% in the open rate by disseminating messages on Mondays.
  • Emails with up to 300 words get a CTR of 2.5% now, so plan the message accordingly.
  • Subtle urgency words like free, WFH jobs/career, now perform better and increase the open rate for B2B (28%) and B2C (32%) messages.

Tricks for clicks

  • Research for new keywords is essential now as Google released a new core algorithm update.
  • Encourage clicks with relevant value propositions but don’t use anxiety or fear around the pandemic to sell.
  • Judge the negative keywords right. You may set COVID-19 related terms as negative but 78% of people don’t mind general ads near coronavirus content.

The show must go on

  • Eva Longoria recently shot a L’Oreal ad herself at home on her iPhone, making it more relatable to the audience than ever.
  • Honda releases the first car commercial that is written, directed, edited and to be watched at home.
  • Porta takes a hilarious turn on the increase in birth rates during global emergencies with its #StayAtHomeBabies campaign.

Lead through the crisis
by Ritesh Singh, Co-Founder & MD, #ARM Worldwide

  • Observe the effect of the crisis on the economy & analyse the new-age macro norms
  • Orientation of organisational activities to minimise the impact of the current changes.
  • Decisions should be tested and their flaws, if any, identified.
  • Act upon your decisions to see the output and feasibility of your planning.
  • The Loop will help you evaluate your observation, orientation, decisions and actions.
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Why Re-Skilling is the Most Important Ingredient to Create the Workforce of the Future

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