This Week #InDigital 5th Jun - 12th Jun - #ARM Worldwide

This Week #InDigital 5th Jun – 12th Jun

Digital for SMEs

Fact: India’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) base is the largest in the world after China. 

New Mantra for SMEs

  • Post-COVID, businesses have to think of innovative models of getting close to the customer, which could be achieved best with digital marketing, data analytics & CRM tools.
  • SMEs should focus on implementing “KYC-Know Your Customer”. The more information brands have of customers, better are the chances to succeed.
  • Implementation of CRM by SME, whether in B2B/B2C space could be used to lower costs and improve profits.

The Tools Kit
The ability to leverage digital tools has become a must for entrepreneurs to survive the ongoing crisis.

  • Acquire a free automation tool to help track customer interactions & get a good overview of sales funnels at any given time.
  • Leverage an email marketing tool that helps to design, run & automate conversion-optimized emails to reach & convert prospects.
  • Utilize tools which helps brands keep track of their sales by digitizing inventory & sales process tracking.
  • Interact with customers by utilizing Whatsapp API that helps businesses automate notifications & elevate the customer experience. 

Tech-siding factor

  • Choose an e-commerce platform on the basis of software as a service (SaaS), open-source and headless commerce.
  • Decide between an on-premises or cloud hosting environment to run an efficient e-commerce website.
  • Leverage e-commerce platforms which are offering free assistance to businesses affected by the pandemic.

The ‘E’ route for SMEs
E-commerce adoption for SMEs is a strategic game-changer and the next evolution of business.

  • Consider price, features, support, ease of use and performance while choosing an e-commerce builder.
  • Optimize your e-commerce website by adding detailed product descriptions, video content & blogs to drive new & existing customers.
  • Run free shipping for a limited time offer & evaluate how it affects your sales & revenues to decrease chances of cart abandonment. 

S for Social, SMEs, Success

  • Utilize Facebook’s ‘Business Resource Hub’ that includes a ‘resilience toolkit’, helping business prevent disruptions.
  • Leverage Instagram’s ‘Support SME Sticker’ where customers can be redirected to the website to complete their order and make a purchase 
  •  LinkedIn’s, ‘Open for Business’ feature allows SMEs to become more visible & increase business opportunities on a global level.

Generating results, measuring profitability 

  • Boost quality leads & ROI with right digital efforts in a more economical manner. 
  • Digital marketing efforts are easily trackable than traditional marketing with the help of analytical tools.
  • Target glocal (global +local) audience and increase the reach with online marketing.


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