Social Media Platform Features, E-commerce, and Design Trends You Need to Know - #ARM Worldwide



New social updates 
  1. Reply to Instagram stories with GIFs – Now with the minor update, brands can use this feature to run GIF based engagement activities.
  2. Snapchat launches Bitmoji TV – Users can now customize and watch episodes of their bitmoji characters undertaking various adventures. The first season of Bitmoji TV has ten episodes that users can find in the Bitmoji TV section within the app.
  3. Conversation thread on Twitter gets a makeover – The new layout of the conversation thread makes it easier to find the conversation of the users that you are following.
AR in e-commerce 
  1. AR in e-commerce has turned out to become an advantageous feature for all online shoppers. The most prominent AR feature has been the virtual make-up tool, implemented by Pinterest.
  2. Augmented Reality spending is estimated to rise to $60 billion by 2020. Around 40% of the customers agreed to pay a higher price for products that they get to try through AR.
  3. 63% of the customers have mentioned that they will prefer shopping from the sites that have AR features.
SEO optimization methods 
  1. Keyword stuffing refers to the practice of overusing keywords which tends to damage SEO ranking. Keywords should make up less than 2% of your text.
  2. Fix uncompressed Javascript and CSS by removing unnecessary lines, white space and comments from source code.
  3. Crawl depth measures the number of clicks that a user takes to reach from their home page to the respective page.
‘Start a Denim Love Affair’ by Marks and Spencer
  1. Marks and Spencer is launching its first-ever standalone TV ad for its product category of “denim”.
  2. The campaign coincides with Valentine’s Day and thus, puts out the message around falling in love with denim.
  3. Print, billboards, and social media will be used to spread the word and also 97% of M&S customers will be retargeted.
Graphic design trends
  1. Muted colour palette – Taking a step back from bold colours and moving towards desaturated colours like black, white and other complementary shades.
  2. Minimalist landing pages – This helps with better load times and compatibility with mobile devices. Google rewards pages which check both of these boxes with better spots in search rankings.
  3. Three-dimensional still life elements – Representing objects in a 3D space – real or created.
  4. This concept creates a highly engaging canvas and representation for product placements.

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