Top 5 UI/ UX Trends in This Year



The technological advancements happening universally are changing the way the world is looking at everything. Needless to say, when we talk about technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the computers or machines that can write, calculate, talk, and do things that humans can. While the creation of computers has been a revolution, there is a need to upgrade them with the evolving technology.

Much like computers, there were times when consumers used phones for merely communicating with one another. Nonetheless, they have now evolved to become devices that are the supporting hand of any human. Smartphones as we call them, help us to perform all kinds of functions and allow us to access the world with just a click of a button.

The evolving technology calls to upgrade such devices with time and provide a user experience that is ever improving. For this, the essential requirement of any user is the interface. The front end as we call it, the User Interface is how a user and a computer interact through the use of various hardware and software.

The times ahead will call for improved User Experiences through enhanced User Interface. Both these concepts work in tandem, but there is a slight difference between the two. While User Interface deals with what is visible to the user at the front end, User Experience is a broader term and aims to enhance the experience of the person using the device or application.

Indeed, technology has been evolving daily and has been impacting every sphere. The UI and UX are not left behind. Therefore, we have listed down the top 5 trends that will dominate the UI/ UX technologies in 2018.

1. Focus will be on the User

When the customer is the centre of all your business efforts, including your product design and delivery, you are bound to soar profits higher than ever. In 2018, brands will primarily focus on creating UI and UX that can provide an enhanced user experience on all devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. Additionally, brands will also work on creating personalised UI/ UX based on the user personas and their journey patterns to meet their tastes and interests.

2. Easy Usability will be Important

With everything happening at just the click of a button, consumers these days, are becoming lazy to make efforts in doing anything and everything. Therefore, it becomes imperative to create technologies that are user-friendly and deliver outstanding user experiences.

3. The Rise of Voice UI

With voice assistants like Google Talk, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa, we can be assured that searches via voice will rise in 2018. The time where you needed to screen to perform any activity on any device will be gone, and voice-based searches will rule. Also, with automation easing out the process of using furniture and home accessories, consumers will go ‘screenless’, and Voice User Interface will dominate the electronics market enabling users to interact hands-free with technology and gadgets.

4. Borderless Display

In 2018, vibrant and colourful palettes will replace the old dull and boring ones giving the user interfaces a new and striking appearance. Also, the palettes will get a new borderless look to replace the old grid concept in mobile interfaces. Additionally, intuitive cards will replace the age-old icon display to present information like text, photos, links or anything regarding a particular subject. Borderless display combined with vibrant, informative cards will form the basis of new interfaces in 2018.

5. Video and Sound Design

Every click on your mobile screen, whether to like, write a comment or select an emoji, is accompanied by background sounds in the form of tones or jingles. Such sounds make the user experience all the more pleasant and exciting. With the rapid transformation in the graphic design world and consumers widely preferring to watch videos, video content will replace images.

These trends are sure to give the users an improved and vibrant experience. Therefore, UXers should gear up for this year to provide a complete makeover to their User Interfaces to compel the users to use their applications. Adding vibrant colours to your UI and improving the UX altogether is the key to intrigue your users to use your application or software again and again.

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