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We have entered September and now it is time to wrap up a week. The highlight of this week has been Instagram’s addition of a Trending Tags section in the app. In other news, we got to see China’s reverse praying trend rolling all over the world. In details, following is the weekly roundup for this week in Digital.

Instagram gets a Trending section in the app


Like expected, Instagram has finally started to roll out a trending section inside the app. In a new update, this section has been activated for some users which shows the top hashtags trending on the Instagram inside the Explore tab. It will soon roll out to all users.

With this, Instagram has just added a bit to marketing well on Instagram and another metric to measure it. Brands should start preparing mass-jack campaigns, specifically designed for Instagram to occupy a space in this section. Instagram will also highlight the account influencing the hashtag most, giving more reasons to start strategising for Instagram.

China set a trend of Reverse Praying Trend

China recently set a trend on social media of ‘reverse praying.’ The users have seen uploading pictures of themselves with hands clutched behind their backs in a prayer position. This new body challenge has suddenly become the latest craze of its kind. It first appeared on China’s microblogging website Sina Weibo where this reverse praying posture was attained by few of the flexible bodies.

Reverse Praying

Earlier adding to the website for flexibility, China has also come forward with contortions tests in which Chinese women tried different stretching positions. Many young women participants took the opportunity and held a stack of coins in their collarbone to showcase their slim physiques. The need for making a perfect figure and shaping them beautifully gave reasons to all these drifts.

Twitter tops for the supply of news across all other SNS

Twitter has topped the list of all social networking platforms for providing news. An online survey by 4700 social media users revealed that nearly nine in 10 Twitter users use it for news, and the vast majority of those 74% do it daily. Mostly this microblogging site is used as an alert for breaking news to get active with all types of news. The survey was conducted by the American Press Institute and Twitter in collaboration with DBS.

Twitter News Sources

Twitter users also tend to be younger than social media users, also it’s a platform of interaction where journalists, celebrities, writers anyone can interact easily. Three-quarters of twitter users follow these individuals and have crave to know more about their life and style of tweeting. Twitter is one such platform in which the person gets the news by only scrolling their tweets. Almost 94% of users get news through it, the survey said.

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