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For the past six or seven months, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you everything that was interesting and transpired during the week in the world of Digital. We picked up Friday as it is usually the slowest of the days and is a good time to look back given that the industry too is winding down for the week. This week is no different and we are here to take you on the ride across the town that is Digital Marketing.

As the rule is, we will keep the stories to the point and as short as possible, if there is a need, we will add a link where you can read more on the subject. Let’s do this.

Twitter introduces Tweetdeck Teams

We have all had moments where we have had to give the access of our Twitter account to somebody we know. It could be simply so they could send across tweets or for seeing things around, in fact it is a very common thing in the digital media world. The most awkward part of this process is outing your password to the other person, who just may misuse it. To prevent all this, Twitter has stated that they are rolling out Tweetdeck Teams using which you will be able to give access of your Twitter account to someone in your team, without giving them the password. The feature is rolling out today on Tweetdeck for Chrome, Web and Windows. Read more on Tweetdeck teams here.

Facebook now lets you transfer money to your friends using Messenger

Facebook has been on a bit of a roll when it comes to taking their Messenger app forward. First, it made it absolutely compulsory for everyone who wanted to IM on Facebook to use the messenger app, it then went to add stickers as well as ability to make calls directly from the app. Up next, Facebook is offering an alternative to the likes of PayPal whereby users can directly transfer the money to their friends right from within the app. It would take up to three business days for the money to reflect. The feature is a US exclusive and will roll out over the next few week, with no clear dates on an international rollout.

Microsoft killing piracy: Announces Free Upgrade to Windows 10, even to those not running Licenced Windows

Windows 10

Microsoft is taking an aggressive stance against piracy as they have announced that they would be offering free upgrade to every single Windows user, irrespective of the fact if he is running a pirated version of Windows. This would certainly make sure that everyone who upgrade sto Windows 10 will be running original Windows at no cost to upgrade. The update to Windows 10 is expected to land sometime in the summer of 2015 and Microsoft would partner with several of the OEMs such as Lenovo, where users can simply go to the service stations and get their laptops upgraded.

Jameson Creates the First 3D Instagram Ad

Slide this shot of Jameson to your drinking buddy #LongLiveTheShot

A video posted by Jameson Whiskey (@jameson_us) on

3D is the in thing these days, right from movies to Ads, yes you read that right, Jameson has created, what they claim is the first Instagram Ad in 3D. Conceptually, the ad is a video, using the video format that was rolled out to brands on Instagram earlier in the year giving a 3D effect. The video has a glass that slides across the table and flows into a waiting hand with the bottle of Jameson static in the frame. You can read more about the ad and its execution on Adweek.

HomeAway comes up with a lovely Ad asking you not to leave your pets at home when leaving for a vacation

HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace is celebrating 10 years of its existance and has therefore come up with a nice ad asking you not to leave your pets at home when going for a vacation. The ad has been made in two different videos with two different perspectives. You have one from the perspective of a young girl Emma who misses her pet on vacation and the other part is from the perspective of the dog, Buscuit himself who is sad that the family decided not to include him on the trip. Definitely a must watch, if you are a dog or a pet lover-

[Infographic] Why do people unfollow brands on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

Losing followers that you spent so much energy and sometimes money on, is perhaps the worst nightmare of a brand. It usually means that the content that you are putting out there is not of enough value to the reader, but if only it was that simple. The unfollow algorithm below is a result of the survey conducted by the folks at Fractl and BuzzStream which conducted a survey with more than 900 people to come to the consensus why exactly do people unfollow a brand. Here is the infographic:

Unfollow Algo

With that, we come to the end of the roundup for the week. We will come back to you next week, in the mean time, make sure you are following us across your social media profiles. Do share, comment or like the post if you found it resourceful, we always appreciate that.

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