Twitter's Dick Costolo steps down as CEO, Oculus and Microsoft announcements and Apple's WWDC: This Week In Digital - #ARM Worldwide



While Apple’s WWDC was the highlight of this week, the tragedies in Twitter and Oculus finally coming out to the world after two years of its hyped existence were some of the important instances to add to the happenings in digital. Here’s what you should know about them in this weekly roundup.

Dick Costolo steps down as the CEO of Twitter, to #WelcomeBackJack

After 4 years of running Twitter as its CEO, Dick Costolo is finally stepping down from the position post the losses Twitter has faced in terms of revenue. Although they don’t yet have a really solid model to carry advertising as their primary revenue source, Twitter Ads has caught up some attention with brands and they are now serious about it. Until the board appoints a replacement, good ol’ Jack Dorsey will serve as the interim CEO to the company.

Jack Dorsey is the man who is titled as the founder of Twitter and then Square, a mobile payments company. Jack is regarded for his transformation from a programmer to an intelligent businessman who is known for his mayorship on simple design and functional concepts. This must be the reason why the board decided to use his expertise in the meanwhile.

Oculus is finally happening, amidst Microsoft

In an event this week, Oculus announced their plans for their product release in 2016. They announced a unique partnership with Microsoft to bring Xbox games to the Oculus platform. So apparently, Microsoft has invested in Oculus to make this happen. Somehow, this will make way for a non-gaming application of HoloLens, which Microsoft introduced a few months back.


Oculus also announced their plans to work on a dedicated VR solution for in-flight entertainment systems. This will enable users to choose what they want to experience when aboard a flight. Prepare well for disruptive advertising options!

Apple WWDC 2015

This year at WWDC, Apple introduced new versions to their operating systems on different devices – OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 and “watchOS”. They even open-sourced their Swift programming language for the world. But, the most riotous announcements were Apple Music and News.

Finally, Apple has announced their own music streaming service called Apple Music and a Flipboard rip-off called News. Apple managed to gather musicians like Drake for the event and introduced a competitive pricing to go against Spotify. Apple Music will come to India on June 30th for Rs. 120 per personal subscription and Rs. 180 for Family subscription. For the likes of Saavn and Gaana already struggling to get people paying for their services in India, Apple Music is not expected to be a total game-changer in the country, while it may just gather some fanboys to use the service.

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