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There are three kinds of people in the world. The first kind, where husbands, boyfriends, sons and brothers pamper and celebrate the ladies in their lives on Women’s Day. The women look forward to the free drinks, spa visits and other kind gestures and bask in their X chromosome glory. The second kind completely dismisses the concept of Women’s Day (To be fair they condemn almost every other day) calling it the cacophony of corporate commercialisation of human sentiments. Then there is the third kind, folks like us who work on the communication side of brands. We don’t have a choice, you see. It’s time to get some engagement for our brands. I mean it’s on our calendars.

So like most years, that’s where my priority lied on the 8th of March, innovative campaigns. It also was my first Women’s Day in the new organisation I am with, ARM Worldwide. Apart from planning a usual dinner with my Mom, I had no huge expectations from the day.

On the way to work, my timeline was full of thoughtful gestures that organisations had made for their women half of the team. It was all really sweet. But as I entered office, I saw a collage of beautiful, confident and formidable faces of the women in my office with a hashtag #SheIs

To most of you it might mean another HR initiative, but to me it raised a potent question, #SheIs what? It got me thinking, between my job list ticks of course. Why do we celebrate Women’s Day? There are a lot of things that we women enjoy by default today, voting rights, a say in who we will marry, a choice of education and the list goes on. But unlike men, it wasn’t handed out to us that easily. It took years of struggle which still goes on to this day because we still have people saying quotes like, “Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Women are not behind, women are not ahead, they walk beside you with equal intelligence, equal brilliance and they’re as successful as you.

#SheIs Energy……Urmil Guleria Deepika Chauhan Shalini Sharma Vibhuti Sharma Devika Sharma Ayushee Mishra Keerthika…

Posted by Nishant Singh Guleria on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

#SheIs Cheerful, strength , motivation.. #InternationWomensDay #ArmDigital Poorva Joshi Pragya Jain Mahima Varma Parul Aggarwal Parul Bajpai Aanchal Sharma Aastha Ajmani Anoushka Sharma Jasmeet Matharu 🙂

Posted by Arpit Jain on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Just when I was entertaining these pseudo-philosophical thoughts, the gentlemen in my office were answering the question for me, #SheIs what? So some super adorable folks at ARM put together a microsite (armdigital.in/sheis) integrated with Facebook app that listed all the women in office where all of us could highlight the amazing qualities they bring to work every day. I haven’t worked for a lot of years but believe me, I never saw happier faces in office. Not just women revelling on the compliments, but I saw equally happy men, proud being the reason behind those smiles.

@armdigital #SheIs

#SheIs Profile Page

I won’t lie, I have enjoyed my fair share of free drinks, spa coupons and gifts. But Women’s Day is not about free goodies, it’s about our fight for equal fundamental rights. It’s about bringing that perception shift that women don’t need discount coupons, they can buy their own drinks just like men.

Thank you ARM Worldwide, for truly reminding me of how amazing being a woman is!

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