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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised how we ideate, create, serve, and measure content. Due to the ever-rising demand to produce high-quality content on a regular basis, the challenge to remain consistent has become imminent. AI-powered content creation has lent its hand to writers and is positioned to support content marketing in a multitude of ways.

Let’s discuss what the popularity of AI writing means for marketers and what you should do to stay ahead of the pack:

Why are we talking about AI? 

No matter how sophisticated the technology becomes, AI may not replace human content creators in a marketing team. Instead, it will help make the work more relevant and better aligned with the audience’s needs and interests. In addition, AI will make the writing process easier and more intuitive, unlocking new opportunities for creators and dramatically transforming how marketers approach high-quality content creation at every level.

The future of marketing is going to include AI. So it’s time for marketers to buckle up and learn how to use AI content marketing tools effectively — not to be replaced, but to be empowered. For advanced marketers, AI works competently for low-effort repetitive tasks. So if you hate writing meta descriptions or struggle to think of title suggestions, AI marketing tools for marketers can act as an extension of your creativity.

AI-powered Benefits

AI is here to make the content creation process faster, simpler, and more goal-focused. Marketers can leverage AI to improve processes and the quality of outcomes. AI helps marketers understand why their target audience behaves a certain way and what messaging resonates with them the most. It also helps identify new trends in the industry to create content ahead of the curve. 

Research is crucial for content creation, but it can be time-consuming. AI helps speed up research by finding relevant information quickly and efficiently. Use Artificial Intelligence in content marketing to summarise long content pieces or find data and statistics. AI and marketing automation can automate manual tasks like internal linking, article curation, and social media post creation. It frees up the time to focus on critical tasks, such as creating high-quality content.

Empowering Writers with AI

AI offers tremendous potential to disrupt how writers manage some of the most tedious, costly, and frustrating creative tasks. Content writers find themselves writing about the same topic frequently. AI saves writers from getting writer’s block. Imagine a world where they can write a draft of a high-quality blog post in under 5 minutes.

As AI becomes more sophisticated, writers will rely on them for tasks that currently slow them down. AI-driven software like Grammarly already helps spot errors and sentence structure problems with ease. In addition, writers will draw from an ever-expanding base of information as they compose their works. Not only will they write faster, but they’ll uncover new ideas, insights and perspectives they wouldn’t have considered before.

Content Intelligence with AI

AI SEO tools identify patterns and trends of top-performing pages in search engines to guide your planning and strategy. Sometimes a lack of insights affects content effectiveness. However, site architecture and content planning go hand-in-hand. AI-powered keyword research can helps marketers plan their editorial calendar and site architecture.

AI provides insights into what’s working and what’s not. First, marketers use AI to understand the content that resonates with the audience. Then, it recommends keywords and pages to optimise. These insights help develop a more innovative content strategy. For example, AI can help you optimise your text for better performance in search engines. In addition, most AI-generated content is created using Natural Language Processing (NLP) that recommends topics for pages. This information is priceless to a content creator.

Personalise with AI

AI is ushering in the era of highly personalised customer experiences. The next gen of marketing will involve intensely personalised experiences made possible by vast customer data. It boils down to getting the right offer to the right segment. AI allows any data cohort to get the right offer at the right time, provided the models being used are created with an awareness of and designed to prevent unseen bias.

AI content marketing tools automate newsletter personalisation, tailoring the communication based on each subscriber’s interests, resulting in higher engagement. Once it recommends personalised content, AI learns to improve over time by monitoring each user’s engagement with the content. Post setting up, AI personalisation happens automatically and at scale. 

Better Decision-making with AI

Once the right AI marketing tools for marketers are adopted, AI software can take away quite a bit of the technical drudge and help writers improve the outcome. Always make sure you – the human – always have the final word. It’s easier to make sense of tools such as Google Analytics without being a data scientist. AI aids in gaining valuable insights and even designing buyer personas and search intent.

Predictive analytics and Data processing are some of the best applications of AI. It can help you interpret vast amounts of data to improve your content marketing strategy. When it comes to brand presence, voice and tone shape the UX and how the company is remembered. Therefore, AI helps maintain a consistent voice and tone to establish your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

We believe that unique ideas don’t have to be devised by just a select few — instead, we should all be able to access our imagination and make it work for us. #ARM is here to help you achieve your goals with the power of AI.

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