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One question that haunts each one of us is ‘What do we want to achieve in life?’

Some have the answers for this, and they are working towards it, some think they are on the right way, and the destination is the future that will unravel the mystery, and some don’t have any idea, well they are planning for next two years. 

So, not making it too complicated, as studied in basic human psychology human needs are unlimited. There is a subject that can teach you how to manage that, which is Economics. 

If you want a two-wheeler today as a kid you think of bicycle; then you would want a bike, a car, ‘n’ number of cars, mix of cars and bikes, a plane, rocket, a spaceship, an army, a fleet and this will not end ever.

Coming back to the question, what do I want to achieve in your life?

I ask this question to myself every day, and I get a different answer every day. 

Recently we went on the off-site of our organization which  completed 3 years and the first thing I noticed was a creative standee which said: “Go fast and Go far.” Apply this to your any dream, any aspiration, any goal, any plan, and it make sense. 


Someone in our organization was able to figure this out and made it simple for everyone. It is almost a year since I joined ARM Worldwide as an Assistant Manager – Social Media and now being a Sr. Analyst for Brand Solutions team. I have apparently seen us growing like crazy and not the only ARM Worldwide as one of the sought after Digital Marketing Consulting company but also the people who are making it one. 

This year the theme for the Offsite was the ideology we need to live by and take ourselves to the desired destination. Hence, Go Fast and Go Far!


Two days packed full of lore, fun, exploration, and self-realization were well designed and planned.

Insights by the suits, when a startup enters the 4th year, there are quite a lot of important decisions strategically to take, and it is the time where many companies divert and take a different mold. But, some of them stick to the core values and notch them up. ARM Worldwide has always been driven by the energy of its members. 

Now every organization has business goals, which requires a strategy to achieve them, but if you don’t have the right people it can become difficult to move forward. 

If you recall the question we talked about earlier and take the ideology of Go Fast and Go Far into consideration, you will be able to bring them as a metaphor of spaceship and fuel. Where ARM Worldwide is the spaceship and the people, part of it are the fuel. Now we need to Go Fast and Go Far as individuals as well and as a team.

There can always be a gap between a personal goal and an organizational goal, which is not a problem but if you have a bridge to connect them. As an employee, what I liked about this concept was it would help me achieve my personal goals and my organizational goals.


In these two days, I learned about pushing my limits in everyday life tasks. We assume a point as our limit, but we never aim wild, which can be crossed as our estimated limits. A key takeaway for me on this offsite was to understand the need for speed in the work I do. No matter if it is a personal or professional. If you’re doing more than you did yesterday, you are on the right track. A lot of fun with amazing performances from my colleagues and the stand-up comedy was the best.


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