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Learning and executing has always been easy because that is what an individual can control. What’s difficult to control is actions of others in a team as one grows the professional ladder. It is very easy to dismiss one’s team member as incapable or dismiss their way of working. Manager is not a manager if they are not able to control the outcome, both good and bad. While most of the people believe in doing jobs themselves, its the first step towards doom. Empowering ones team is paramount for any manager to be successful.

Here is a list of 5 things one needs to practice consistently in pursuit of becoming an excellent manager

Explaining “Why” more than “How”

Managers who explain why a task needs to be performed before how it should be performed will always get better results. While a manager who starts with How will never be able to establish the conviction in the team as he would have never explained as to the process of controlling the outcome. Also its overpowering to pass on instructions to the team without explaining the logic of why they should be performing a specific task. Its best to have a buy in on thoughts for higher commitment and bond with the team

Be open to learning

A manager should always be open to new ways of learning. All decisions made by a manager in a team should be based on pure logic and deliberation rather that being dictatorial and letting hierarchy and position define decisions. Being closed to new ideas limits the scope of growth amongst the team members. Open culture of learning helps improve the learning curve of the team as a whole

Practice Predictive Guidance

Power of management is defined when a manager can predict failure and knows the right recipes of winning. It is important to have real time check points for directional guidance and guide the team whenever they are going wayward. Having said that it is important to define milestones and setup reviews depending on the size and shape of the task at hand. Sharing experience in anticipating bottlenecks and levers is a trait of a great manager

Strategy, Planning and Operations

It is a failure if a manager is always involved in operations as he/she is a control freak and there is a fear of failure. Pursuit of excellence by doing operations on their own is the biggest deterrent in a managers career. The ratios of time given to Strategy, Planning and Operations should constantly keep changing and should be more skewed towards strategy and planning rather than execution. The eventual target should be to completely get out of operations and concentrate on planning and management of personnel.

Make yourself redundant

The greatest achievement of a manager is when their team member is completely ready to take all his/her work with as much efficiency. A manager who is insecure that he/she will become redundant fears of taking up a new role and hampers their professional growth.

Managers often become control freaks and get overpowered by the position they hold. It is very important to constantly evolve in a dynamic environment and constantly push oneself and their team through processes, co-learning, predictive intelligence and reviews. Set milestones for oneself and the team for growth along with a discreet plan for reviews and learnings. Passing on your experience and knowledge is like giving back to the eco-system. Grow and let-grow!

Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse by Manas Gulati.

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