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We all know how much important education is. Every year millions of students complete their secondary education and enter the new phase of life with the hope of making it top graduate colleges/universities. And, for all these students there are many colleges that are trying every year to get their attention and fill up their seats. The pressure on students to work hard and score well to get into a decent school is something that everybody knows. But, there is something that goes hidden from the people, i.e., the struggle that colleges face to attract the students towards them and keep up with the pace.

No matter what, the education industry is still a business, it runs on money and efforts taken by humans. It is like any other business that needs constant capital and nurturing. If a college/ university miss out on marketing themselves properly to their audience, then there are good chances that in no time some other college can replace their place in the market. Therefore, for a change let’s consider these colleges from a business point of view and understand it is important for colleges to have impactful branding. Know more why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your College/University.

It’s like a lake with many fishes with the same set of skills and failure is the predator. In this competition of survival, the only thing that can save them is the tool for marketing and branding. Therefore, it becomes important for universities to have a proper marketing strategy for keeping themselves in the business.

Let’s first take an example and understand the WHY with its help.

There is a college named X which was established in the year 1873 with a new set of courses that were designed with an extensive research of market trends and the prospects of future. University, over a period of time, established an authority in the domain as they were the only one which started with the courses that were job oriented. As the time passed by and other colleges realized the importance of the courses that are being taught in the university X and they started their new division which focussed on these new courses. Since the university X was the first one to provide these courses they led the race for a while. But, after a period of while when many new and old universities/ colleges started the same course things went down for X and soon certain other colleges got dominance in the courses that X started.

What was the main reason for this? Was it the increase in competition? NO!!!

The only thing that university X did wrong was that they didn’t focus on their marketing. Being the first ones in the business, they could have established a trust amongst the students and increased their authority that no other college could have matched. But, because of the fact that they didn’t concentrate on branding themselves and on the other hand universities that were working to outrank university X were focussing essentially on their marketing strategies.

This example shows why marketing is important for universities even if they are the master of that trait.

Now that we know why university branding is important, let’s understand the ways in which a university can do it:

First and foremost, the thing to do in any business is to mark the presence. When countless schools, colleges, and universities are working with the same aim, it is important for a university to get the attention of the student. How can someone use your service if they don’t know that you exist? Therefore, the first thing that any university must do is to strategies and devise a plan to keep their name in front of their audience whenever they look for the related information. When students know the name of your university then only they’ll consider it as an option.

Next step is to establish authority. No matter how big or how small an institute is, all of them need to work on this factor, or they’ll go out of business before they know it. Universities need to understand the pain points or the needs of the students and then provide then provide them with the right solution. Doing this will create an affinity towards the university which helps in the later stages when they select the university for their admissions.

Although university branding is important, one thing that universities need to do carefully is to select the right marketing medium. Every college must dig deeper and do a thorough research on their target audience and set their target accordingly. Once done with the research universities need to devise a marketing strategy according to the audience. Below are some of the basic strategies that a university can opt for to market themselves:

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