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Few days ago, I opened the door on a new learning experience with through an Intrapreneur Training programme. The training was meant to help us work as “In-House Entrepreneurs” or, Intrapreneurs. We went through a series of activities but the one which got me thinking was how to work independently and ease up the work life.

“Goal setting is an intense procedure for pondering your optimal future, and for spurring yourself to transform your vision of this future into reality.”

1. Set clearly defined Goals

By setting clearly defined goals, we can we can gauge and focus in one direction. In a way, it will boost our self-confidence as we will be able to recognise our own ability and competence in achieving the goals what we have set.

2. Chunk Big Goals into Achievable Steps

Each time we identify a goal, we should see if that can be broken down into more mini goals. This creates small tasks which can be achieved within a timeframe. With small goals, we get many dopamine rushes, which push us to succeed at the next step.

3. Keep a track on the Time Spent

Time Tracking Tips

Bondage of time limits always gives us the pressure. Don’t try to be too ambitious – give yourself enough time to realistically achieve your aims. Be relaxed with your time limits, in return, this will increase your enthusiasm and motivation.

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4. Schedule Regular Reviews to Stay on a Track

Staying on Track

“Goal setting is most effective when there is feedback showing progress in relation to the goal.” – Edwin Locke

Unvarying vision towards our set goals helps us to be on track. It becomes very important to track and screen your advancement which will also ensure that whether you are successful or not.

5. Rule of SMART towards your Goals

It’s a useful way of making goals more powerful:

  • S- Specific
  • M- Meaningful
  • A- Action Oriented
  • R- Rewarding
  • T- Time-bounded

6. Celebrate Small Wins


The way to achievement is understanding that our huge goals aren’t going to occur without any forethought. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate small wins. Lack of acknowledgement and encouragement of small wins will strongly diminish the passion for moving on that gives us the strength to soldier on the top.

7. Appreciation is Key

Well, timely appreciation and celebrating little wins on small achievements will significantly expand our odds in accomplishing our goals.

PS. Pro-tip: Moving with efforts and hard work makes us reach to the level of contentment and it’s important to remember that failing to meet goals does not matter much, just as long as you learn from the experience.

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