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The calendar has flipped yet again and it reads, Friday. While we are sure you are sighing that another week rolled away in the blink of an eye, we are just glad that it is another summer week out of the books for us to live through. And since it is Friday, it is time for our weekly roundup of everything that has transpired in the world of digital and marketing. Like every week, we promise to keep the stories really short and add in relevant links where they are deemed important so that you can go ahead and check them out for added information.

Mondelez takes a big step in E-Commerce with Shoppable Ads and Buy Now buttons


Mondelez International, the partners of Oreo cookies, Cadbury chocolate and Trident gum among other nom worthy treats has sneakily become a e-commerce brand with testing phases in Europe earlier this year. Now, Mondelez plans to convert all its Digital Media across 25 countries into Shoppable Ads with Buy Now buttons to drive sales through retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The goal? Double Mondelez’s online revenue over the next couple of years, especially on social media where millennials are spending a substantial amount of time.
We say it’s a big bold move by a giant of the industry. We like!

President of the United States of America a.k.a @POTUS made waves

It finally happened. On May 18th 2015, President Barak Obama made his Twitter debut and as expected the World went beserk. In his usual manner, President Obama broke some Twitter records and wrote a witty tweet. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, President Obama garnered a million followers in just 5 hours! Though this is not the first time the President has taken to Twitter, he has tweeted from the official White House twitter account in the past but that account is managed by the staffers. Meanwhile, the tweets from the @POTUS account will come from the President himself. True to his witty self, the President also jokingly replied to Bill Clinton’s tongue in cheek tweet on Monday welcoming him to the service.
Looks like the Presidents are going digital after all!

Indian Mobile users do not have to dial 0 or +91 now before making STD calls


Airtel users from New Delhi and Mumbai have been reporting that they have been able to make STD phone calls without having to add +91 or 0 as a prefix. This is keeping in line with the MNP policy set by TRAI according to which the line between STD and Local calling must be diminished by July, and that is why networks have gradually started rolling out the update where 0 need not be prefixed in some regions. It would be around the same July phase that you would be able to MNP your current number to any circle in the country too.

Coca Cola proves why its all about ‘Sharing Happiness’

Coca Cola recently unveiled its first work from Ogilvy Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, a rousing, visually rich pan-European anthem that tried to raise some political issues. It did OK, with about 400,000 views on YouTube.
But if you really want to make a splash, you have to go simpler. You find an esoteric stat about babies, gather up some UGC footage of them smiling and laughing, shoot a bit of new footage, record a cute song to go with it, and boom—6 million views. See, making a Coke ad isn’t as much of a slog as it’s made out to be. (And let’s agree to forget about kids, soda and childhood obesity for a minute or so). Coca Cola is saying something special, simple. Let’s choose to smile, shall we?

Facebook Messenger makes it easier for you to connect with your friends with intro text


Facebook Messenger has evolved and come a long way since its inception. However, has it happened with you where you have just no clue who the person is as his messages keep popping in? This is what Facebook Messenger is looking to fix as, you will now be able to read a quick introductory text about a person that has just started a conversation with you so that you have a heads up. The update is rolling out in the US, UK, France and India on iOS and Android soon.

 Now you can shop for products directly from Youtube Ads


Google has introduced a new format of ads for Youtube, whereby you will be able to complete a purchase by clicking on the banner directly. The new feature is called Trueview for shopping and basically brings the product catalog directly to Youtube. Google explained the format by saying, “TrueView for shopping enables advertisers to scale the manual process of connecting individual products with individual videos. Thanks to the first-ever integration of the Google Merchant Center into video ads, advertisers need only connect their campaign with a Merchant Center feed to dynamically add products to their in-stream videos, customized for each user through contextual and audience signals like geography and demographic info.”

With that, we come to the end of the roundup for this week, we will be back next week and hope to catch you around. In the meanwhile, make sure you are following us across our Social Media channels and properties in order to keep up with everything in the digital space.

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