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As the shortest month of the year comes to an end and we all join in together to the chorus of #WeWontGiveItBack it is not far off the mark to say that the timing of this weekend has been impeccable, not to forget just in time to get some chores done before the first major holiday season sets in here in India. And since it is Friday, often referred to as the ‘Favorite day of the week’ for everyone, we are here with our weekly roundup of everything that is newsworthy in the world of digital.

As the rule that we have set, we will keep the stories as short as possible and will add the link for your reference where you can read more about the story. Let’s roll along.

YouTube releases a 10th Anniversary Video

It was back in 2005 when three people, on payroll of PayPal decided to change the way Internet was looked upon. They founded YouTube which has gone on to become the second largest search engine after Google. To mark the occasion, YouTube has come up with an interesting video showcasing some of our favorite moments in this epic journey.

Facebook has a new Ad on Friendship and it’s wonderful

In the past, Facebook has come up with some of the worst possible ad films that you are likely to see from a major brand. But that has thankfully changed, and the latest ad from them is actually pretty awesome. The ad is centered around being friends and how despite being so different we are all so tightly bound by the thread of friendship. The narrator also, cleverly uses words like, ‘likes’, ‘shares’ etc, all of which integrate beautifully with the offerings of Facebook.

Google will show Sponsered Apps in Play Store Search


Google has announced that it would show sponsored apps in the result when you are searching for new apps. The model is based exactly on how Google shows paid ads on organic searches when it comes to its search engine. Google is confident that this would encourage the developers and that there is a lot of money to be made out of it. In its blog post, Google said, “In fact, in the past year, we paid more than $7 billion to developers distributing apps and games on Google Play. We remain as committed as ever to making Google Play the best place to find great apps, games and other entertainment.” 

You can read more on the same here.

Magic is an Assitant that you always wanted for quickly ordering things


Siri is a lot of things we want (maybe) in our life, but one thing it falls short of, is when it comes to shopping for us. While Siri can show us the restaurants, it cannot order the food. This is where in steps Magic. A result of a few entrepreneurs coming together, Magic basically is the middle man for all your orders. The service works in the US, where you can text the Magic number and have anything you want delivered to a specific address. How they work is, they contact their nearest local store or E-Com store, give you a price quote and deliver the order to your doorstep. Pretty neat. You can read more about Magic, here.

10 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

LinkedIn can be a tricky place. While you create your profile, you have to make sure that you put all the relevant information out there, without it looking like a page of self-bragging or absolute desperate attempt to hook up with the next job available. A good LinkedIn profile also enhances your chances of bagging your job if you have done well in the interview or have sent in an application for the job. So how is it that you would ensure you have that perfect LinkedIn profile? The answer lies in the video above.

Google is converting Flash Ads automatically to HTML5

Google Ad words

Google has begun converting Flash ads to HTML 5. As a result of this, it is now super easy for advertisers to target those people who are not using a device or browser that currently supports Flash. Google wrote in their blog post that, “Eligible Flash campaigns, both existing and new, will now be automatically converted to HTML5 when uploaded through AdWords, AdWords Editor, and many 3rd party tools. This is one of several mobile ad formats and tools we announced in September.”

With that, we come to the end of the roundup for this week. We will be back in the new month, with more stories for you. Till then, make sure you are following us on our Social Media profiles for all the latest and greatest in the world of Digital.

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