5 Elements you must include in your website design



Websites serve as the first touchpoint between your business and customers. It has the ability to create a complete brand perception with just the first glance. Almost all website designing efforts are directed towards creating a great brand image. And, a great brand image is an outcome of a great user experience which can be achieved with rewarding website design services

By ensuring an interactive and professional website design you set a positive tone for user engagement and brand credibility. As per stats, 75% of a brand’s credibility is directly influenced by the website design, making it imperative to dedicate enough time and resources to building your website.

Why should you invest in Website Design? 

Every website visitor is a potential lead for your business. Studies show that it takes approximately 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your brand. And, with millions of websites all over the internet, there is a possibility that visitors might spend even less time going through it. A compelling website design has visuals that attract and content that retains traffic.

On top of an improved retention rate, a good web design also offers the following benefits to businesses: 

  • A competitive edge amidst intense competition. 
  • Improved brand credibility. 
  • An accurate brand perception. 
  • A higher conversion rate. 
  • Better visibility in the SERPs.

As per stats, 94% of first impressions are related to the design of your website. Therefore, it is crucial to mindfully decide on the elements of your website and strategically place them. A cluttered website can cause huge losses in terms of your traffic, user trust and search engine ranking. So, today, we bring to you: 

5 Elements that you must include in your website design.


Navigational Links

Your website is the online storefront of your brand. Just like a shopper seeks smooth movement when visiting a physical store, so does an online shopper. Web designers ensure the navigational comfort of visitors through various elements such as internal links, CTA buttons and the menu section. Using menu types such as hamburger, sidebar and dropdown is better since they do not overwhelm the user with information and allow them to view detailed content on their own accord. The ultimate goal of this element is to ensure a good website structure catering to an enhanced UI.


Compelling visuals

This is possibly one of the most important elements of website design. With a significantly decreased attention span, simple yet attractive visuals are a great way to create a hook for visitors. Posting image content such as infographics intrigues the visitors to scroll through the web page and know more. Embedding videos help exponentially in giving an interactive feel to your website plus video content is retained better by viewers.


Tailored Landing Pages

A website is an amalgamation of many web pages that talk about the various facets of your business. Different visitors come to your website with different needs or problems in mind. Therefore, your website must have dedicated landing pages, with tailored content, keeping in mind the visitor’s expectations. Each webpage must clearly specify, at first glance itself, how it is solving the user’s query and adding value to them.


Consistent typography

The typography on your website must align with the tone of your brand. It must be consistent throughout, so as to look organized and must have enough white space in between to avoid the content looking congested. Also, the font selected must be identified by common browsers otherwise it might look jumbled to some viewers. 


Responsive web design

Last, but possibly the most important element of a well-designed website is it being responsiveness. A responsive website is compatible with various devices and adjusts itself depending on the user’s screen. A responsive website is dynamic in nature and adapts itself to different viewport orientations. This ensures that all your visitors are being catered to exclusively creating a great UX.



A well-designed website can boost the growth of your business ten folds. It not only retains traffic but also drives conversions. Being aware of these 5 elements is surely a great step forward towards building a robust website for your business. 

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