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Social Media Marketing


Social media is an integral part of online communication channels which is dedicated to interaction, community-based input, collaboration, and content sharing. With the growing popularity of this medium to market businesses, social media marketing has become imperative for all businesses – online as well as offline – to connect with their customers. 

We, at #ARM Worldwide, use multiple services to amplify results for your social media marketing campaign. From telling irresistible brand stories to running synchronized multi-platform campaigns, and from producing viral videos to creating compelling creatives, #ARM Worldwide has got you covered!

How we help?

Our social media marketing professionals monitor conversations on owned and earned channels in real-time to help facilitate social media services and engagement. Our social media strategy focuses on achieving the required business outcomes leveraging relevant niche social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, apart from other platforms as well.


We provide a plethora of services in the social media marketing domain, including: 

  1. Communication strategy

At #ARM Worldwide, we assist you in designing strong communication strategies to help the brand effectively communicate with potential and existing customers. Our team of social media marketers run an in-depth market analysis to gain an understanding of your target audience and work out the best possible strategy to communicate the messages. We ensure to support the overall organizational objectives while aptly strategizing to spread your message across the masses via focussed platform strategy and execution. 

  1. Campaign Ideation and Execution

We strive to find thought-provoking ways to shine a spotlight on unique brands. Our team of experts have a focussed approach towards designing campaigns, which includes ideation to execution. With our proprietary Thinking Framework, our campaign process begins with understanding your problem goals and objectives, brainstorming ideas to discover the scope of creative solutions, shortlisting authentic, creative, and inspiring ideas, along with the manifestation. We ensure to deliver a result-driven campaign for your brand. 

  1. Content calendar

Our team of social media marketers assist you in staying organized and simplifying collaboration within and outside your organization. We curate content calendars to establish a process for creating content, organize when, where, and how your content will appear across social media channels and share content consistently to engage customers throughout. Through the content calendar, we keep you updated on the existing content formats, the status of upcoming pieces, planned promotional activities, and partnerships. 

  1. Copywriting and scriptwriting

We assist you to turn your marketing ideas into relevant and trending hashtags. Our team of copywriters and scriptwriters begin by storyboarding concepts for your brand to communicate the brand message concisely via compelling social media copies. With a specific voice and style, our team ensures to deliver a targeted message and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the strategy. After the approval of the concepts, our team of writers create enthralling copies and scripts via strategy implementation, publish the post, and track the success via analysis. 

  1. Creative designs

Our team of creative designers creates the most effective social media designs for your brand, after gaining an understanding of the market. After conducting target market research, our team can create a user persona basis who is currently following your content, and what they are looking for. We ensure to use graphics as per the brand guidelines – use the colour, shape, and imagery that best expresses the brand identity. As per the social media platform, our team resizes the design to avoid pixelation. 

  1. Analysis and reporting

We ensure to track and analyze the performance of your social media marketing campaigns to understand the accomplishments made via social efforts. Through the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound (SMART) framework, our team will measure the success via metrics, such as the number of leads generated, conversion rate, revenue generated, ROI, the social share of voice, social sentiment, and more. The analysis of this data will help our team help in highlighting the key wins during the reporting period, and help understand alterations in the strategy for more successful campaigns. 

  1. Online reputation management

To build trust with your customers, employees, and investors, our team assists you in maintaining your brand’s online image via online reputation management. Our online image management services employ internet marketing and social media marketing to hide and negate negative mentions in the online space. Our team of ORM specialists actively monitor mentions of your brand on websites and social media and respond to customer comments that put the brand in a bad light. We combat negative claims via sound strategies to address them directly and openly. 



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