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Festivals are all about togetherness, happiness, sharing, bringing people together, and all things festive. Families and friends celebrate, reminisce, and enjoy to make a lifetime's worth of memories. However, this Diwali is a little different, as we try and go beyond our families and friends and try to make this…

Festivals are all about togetherness, happiness, sharing, bringing people together, and all things festive. Families and friends celebrate, reminisce, and enjoy to make a lifetime's worth of memories. However, this Diwali is a little different, as we try and go beyond our families and friends and try to make this festival equally happy and meaningful for people who need it the most during this pandemic.

Here are ten interesting ad campaigns that allow us to see how we can do that.

Vivo - #SmileWalaDiya

The smartphone brand Vivo came up with a thought-provoking campaign for Diwali, trying to showcase that no matter how difficult the going gets, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Through #SmileWalaDiya campaign, they released a video showing the pressure that a father is facing with work, the expectations his kid has from him during the festive season, and how the kid's friends make it up to him.

Vivo further launched a contest with this video where people were asked to share how they went around spreading warmth and delight with their kith and kin during the pandemic.

HP - #YeDiwaliDilWali

With this campaign, HP tried to portray that generosity, compassion, and empathy can help turn things around when one least expects it. The advertisement attempts to give a message - that owing to the pandemic and social distancing, the smaller businesses have taken the hardest hit, and they are the ones who are in dire need of money. Therefore, we should try and help them in whatever little way we can. 

A little hope and optimism can make the festive season cheerful for them as well - as portrayed through a child in this campaign's video.

Nokia - #UniteFor #Love

Nokia's Diwali campaign won the hearts of millions under two weeks. It showcases a mother and son's relationship, wherein the son gifts his own phone to his mother for a day on Diwali, promising her that he will not be glued to it this time.

Through this campaign, Nokia uses Diwali as an effective medium to engage the millennials of today and tries to show them that it does not restrict its customers but rather enables them to spend time with their family and loved ones. 

Facebook - More Together

The plot of Facebook's video tried to show that there are uncountable possibilities when we stand united despite whatever situation we might be in. It shows that attributes like resilience and hard work can turn a circumstance around - this was facebook's way of showing everyone the journey that India has undergone during the pandemic and how the country still struggles and strives to come out of it. 

In this video, the post for job openings is given on Facebook - a subtle play on 'connectivity.' It shows that the rewards can be beyond us by being selfless and going that extra mile to help others.

OPPO - #BeTheLight

Oppo's #BeTheLight To Spread The Light Campaign is all about how festivals are the precursors of hope. It shows how a sparkler can make the difference between happiness and unhappiness for a kid. The implication here is that the festival of lights is one of hope, happiness, and joy - both to be experienced and shared.

To go along with this campaign, Oppo also released a Diwali special Edition model - the Oppo F17 - the colour of which signifies the bright colours of Diwali. Oppo urged its customers to brighten their Diwali and capture those moments on the Oppo F17.

Amazon - #TyohaarKeLiyeTaiyaar

Amazon continues to make us think harder about what goes on behind the scenes. Their campaign video shows us a montage of real-life sellers who are preparing for the upcoming festive season. The video makes us realise the time that has gone by and the time we continue to live in, and the effort these sellers put into their work so that we can enjoy Diwali the way we want. Their feelings have been beautifully portrayed via a poem in the background.

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The video is more impactful because the audience realises that these are actual, real-life sellers - thereby giving more meaning to it. Acknowledgement is powerful in itself.

Cadbury - Not Just a Cadbury Ad

Quite literally, this ad is 'Not Just a Cadbury Ad.' Cadbury's idea emphasizes how traditional businesses have suffered and continue to do so because of the pandemic. It further shows how we can change that by helping out just a little bit - buy things from nearby stores and shops. The core message is, everybody should have a happy Diwali.

They tried to show the effect of generosity via their video and also mentioned individual small scale businesses across the country. Furthermore, Cadbury also developed several versions of this advertisement with pin codes for relevant geo-targeting.

Grofers - #EkDiyeSeDoGharRoshan

The biggest online grocery retailer in India had an interesting message to spread this Diwali. With their initiative of #EkDiyeSeDoGharRoshan, they urged and encouraged customers to buy diyas from local potters and shops, thereby helping over 200 potters and their families to brighten up their Diwali across Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. This was a very thoughtful campaign on their behalf. They also took full responsibility for the delivery of the diyas and sent 100 per cent of the proceedings to the potters. To facilitate the same, Grofers created a separate store for potter products as well.

Myntra - Festive Moments

Myntra's festive moments tells us - "Kuch lamhein khushiyaan baantne se hi bante hain" - and we could not agree more. For all those people who help us throughout the year - our helpers, domestic and others - this advertisement is for them. They deserve new clothes and a proper, happy Diwali as well.

This ad shows us that, since they too are a part of our family in a way, we should give them the love and affection they deserve and celebrate with them.

Birla White - #DeewaronKiSuno

Birla White's brand film was heartwarming, to say the least. It shows how the pandemic has affected the economy on a global scale and encourages people to support the community of painters this Diwali - especially those who live on a day to day basis. People usually renovate their houses before festivals, but this year, that has not been feasible due to Covid-19.  

#DeewaronKiSuno spreads the simple message of helping people who depend on us for their livelihood and sustenance - in this case, the painters, who have been suffering for many months now.

All these campaigns have elementary yet powerful ideas that drive home a crucial message - a simple act of kindness can go a long way and have an impact, for which even words can't be enough. It might be surprising as to how these campaigns can bring about a shift in people's minds, but they did strike an emotional chord with their customers, and they have helped bring in the desired change as well!

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