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HubSpot’s Pivotal New Addition: Operations Hub


HubSpot is a pioneer inbound marketing, sales and servicing platform. The product has built a reputation as an innovator and mainly focuses on being the leading CRM tool. More than 113,000 companies in over 120 countries worldwide rely on HubSpot to scale their business. HubSpot recently announced its highly anticipated,…

HubSpot is a pioneer inbound marketing, sales and servicing platform. The product has built a reputation as an innovator and mainly focuses on being the leading CRM tool. More than 113,000 companies in over 120 countries worldwide rely on HubSpot to scale their business. HubSpot recently announced its highly anticipated, brand new Hub to accompany their existing Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs.  Here’s how integrating the newly launched Operations Hub will automate your business processes and take your customer experience to a whole new level:


Operations Hub gives you a unified toolset that connects your client’s applications, cleans their customer data, and automates your business processes as part of HubSpot's easy and powerful CRM platform. This Hub is designed to transform the role of operations professionals across businesses and empower them to take centre stage in helping their companies scale.  It further provides Operations teams with the tools and processes to support a unified effort throughout your company by breaking down silos, generating insights, automating manual processes and connecting each department for more efficient communications. With Operations Hub, assuring data quality isn't just easy; it's automatic. You will be able to declutter date properties, clean up country codes, polish up phone number fields, and in a matter of seconds!


Users can unify client data in a connected CRM platform, and ultimately, play an active role in shaping their company’s strategy. Technically, Operations Hub has three core features: Data Sync, Programmable Automation and Data Quality Automation. Let’s discuss these further.  Data Sync is to ‘align’ systems and teams. It packs all the punch of a custom-built connector, bidirectional sync, custom field mappings, filtering, historical syncing — in an easy, code-free package. Programmable Automation is needed to help teams ‘adapt’ and become more efficient. You can create custom automation actions for every business process — from territories to time management notifications to NPS — to keep your team efficient and your customers happy. Data Quality Management is applied to ‘adopt’ better business processes through automation. Data will be clean and under control automatically so that your Operations team can focus on sparking further growth instead of putting out data fires. 


Research conducted by HubSpot explains that over 60% of operations professionals have to do duplicative work because of a lack of alignment between teams. Operations Hubs offer plenty of features that will surely excite other business teams as well. Workflow integrations can trigger actions in third-party systems like Slack messages, Zoom webinar invites, and dozens more, all through your HubSpot workflows. You can store and customise all the data you need to interact with your customers. Creating single-object, cross-object, or custom funnel reports to monitor the health of your business has never been easier! Additionally, your revenue operations can drive company growth by operationalising the UX lifecycle from Anonymous to Promoter. Seek balance and trade-offs, increase operational efficiency, velocity, profitability, and much more!


Operations teams reportedly spend 80% of their time putting out data and process fires and just 20% driving business strategy and improving the customer experience. Operations Hub makes it easy for any business with a weak operation infrastructure, data management and sync issues. Businesses that are unable to keep clean data as it’s stored within companies’ internal silos, which reduces efficiency and causes fractures in UX.  It is further helpful if your company has several manual processes for Operations teams to handle, leading to delays, dependencies and chances of human error. For instance, automating business processes from lead rotation & territory management to renewal & post-sale planning to keep teams efficient and customers happy. Moreover, if you need a natively connected tech stack, you can acquire a one-window platform to automate operational processes that allow HubSpot to integrate with third-party apps, tools, or softwares seamlessly.


Using JavaScript or any Node.js library, you can create custom workflows or bot actions. These custom actions can be used to run SQL queries, make API calls, model objects, and anything else you can think of. There are several use cases for Operations Hub. Your business can create complex calculated lead score properties; manipulate and transform your property value, create a lead score using data and inputs from HubSpot and other systems, and then populate the value in a custom HubSpot property.  With Data Architecture, you can organise data, move data points across objects, and automate a sound reporting strategy framework. Advanced Workflow Automation takes your workflow automation to the next level by removing limitations of standard actions, with the new ‘custom code action' and ‘create a webhook action’ in workflows, along with custom-coded bot action in chat flows. 


With this, we conclude our tour of the revolutionary Operations Hub. This new addition to HubSpot’s platform has a huge pot ential to deliver exceptional process automation and data management functionality. However, the most exciting bits are the customisable work and chatbot flow actions that open up endless possibilities.  Looking to foster alignment between operations teams, leadership teams, and your organisation’s tech stack? Consider adding Operations Hub into your mix. 

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