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Repurpose Your Old Content for an Incremental SEO Boost


Over time, your blogs or articles get stale, they no longer possess the SEO quality and capacity that they once did. Every marketer deals with the issue of stagnant organic traffic while reviewing metrics at some point. Sometimes, all your content needs is a little refreshing and repurposing to keep…

Over time, your blogs or articles get stale, they no longer possess the SEO quality and capacity that they once did. Every marketer deals with the issue of stagnant organic traffic while reviewing metrics at some point. Sometimes, all your content needs is a little refreshing and repurposing to keep your audience interested.  Check out how Repurposing content can become a way to use your previous blogs and revitalise them so they work harder for your SEO!

What is Content Repurposing? 

Repurposing content is the process of adapting and modifying the same content in a different format. With this, marketers have the power to reach a broader set of audiences and make them appreciate your content more. However, it requires you to format content in a way that appeals to the platform's audience. It's one of the well-known growth hacking tactics businesses use to drive traffic without wasting time or effort that goes on creating content from scratch. Repurposing gives you an opportunity to convey the same content to your new prospects without becoming redundant to those who have viewed it before. E.g., you could transform an eBook into a detailed video and post it on YouTube or create a podcast series. It also allows you to reach and target people at different stages of the buyer's journey without creating content separately. You earn reputation and credit as an industry expert by increasing organic visibility for your content.

How do you Repurpose Content? 

Before you set off rushing to recycle content, strategise a plan of action. Not all old posts are good candidates for repurposing. For example, you don't want to reuse content that failed to elicit a response from your audience. Use tools like Google Analytics to pick the posts performing exceptionally well. By updating this cornerstone content, you can create opportunities for internal linking, which is great for climbing up SERPs.  Reformatting your content for various mediums means appealing to more audiences and expanding your reach. E.g. If you have a YouTube content strategy, producing a video from an old blog post information could fit into that strategy seamlessly. Moreover, having a consistent flow of relevant content on your webpage and social media platforms is a significant component of empowering your brand, establishing credibility, and proving that you're worth trusting as a potential partner.

Why do you need it?

Rather than including a topic once and letting it disappear into archives, repurpose articles to consistently deliver your message to the audience. This works perfectly if you're starting with high-value, authoritative content. Repurposing your content gives your hot new blog an additional chance to be seen in a flashy, innovative format. In the age of fragmented content – repurposing is similar to content promotion 2.0. It saves your resources and opens up possibilities to reach a new segment of your audience. Think of it as going green - 'OUT' with the outdated and 'IN' with the latest and improved, attracting search traffic. Organic search provides the majority of site traffic. A study found that organic search holds a 51% share among traffic sources. Thus, repurposing optimised content in various formats can give you a significant lift in organic visibility and traffic.

Advantages of Repurposing

Content repurposing as a marketing strategy comes in handy for several reasons. It enhances your business marketing, saves you time, helps with your online presence, and much more. From top-performing pieces to flops, all types of content can be repurposed. In addition, repurposing allows you to get accustomed to diverse forms of content on various platforms, making you a much more versatile marketer for your business, improving your knowledge and skill sets. Marketers get the chance to redeem less successful content. For example, a series of blog posts that aren't getting many visits might collectively make a great eBook, attracting a lot of consultation requests. Furthermore, repurposing content into multiple forms of media is a great way to expand your reach out to varied members of your target audience. For example, when some could be visual learners, others might prefer audio, etc.

The Added SEO Boost

Repurposing content is the upcycling trend of the content world. SEO is not a sprint; it's a marathon, so provided you don't republish content word-for-word, repurposing could earn you a spot in the good books. Search engines like Google prefer websites they can trust. The more pages of search engine optimised information you have, the easier it can recognise you as a credible source of information. Users love to share interesting content, like blog posts, images, and infographics. The more you put out there, the more opportunities you have to get your content shared, creating high-quality backlinks for your site. By adding off-page URLs of blogs in video descriptions or social posts, you increase the possibility of others curating your content, meaning additional SEO assets to attract search traffic on many different theme variations. 

Final Words

Beyond simply getting more traffic out of an older blog post, repurposing can actually be a valuable social media management tool too. Repurposing content allows you to reach people you missed the first time around. The best articles to repurpose are those which provide a gateway to your current goals. The more you post, the more precise your site analytics become. You possess several ideas to repurpose your content. All you need is a little strategy to make your content worthwhile on different digital platforms, including several creative ways to attract more audiences.

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