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SEO Leverage 2022: 5 hard truths


Search engines have completely transformed the way we seek information. From a minor query to major project research, almost everyone uses a search engine to gather some sort of data. In theory, the search engine industry is booming, and therefore, it must have immense competition. However, in reality, it is…

Search engines have completely transformed the way we seek information. From a minor query to major project research, almost everyone uses a search engine to gather some sort of data. In theory, the search engine industry is booming, and therefore, it must have immense competition. However, in reality, it is highly dominated by Google. As per stats, Google has a market share of 91.4% in the search engine market, making it the most preferred for online searches. It is every website’s and online store’s major goal to have a higher rank in the first SERPs. Research says that 67.6% of clicks go towards the first five organic search results. Therefore, being visible is imperative, and that can be best achieved through Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)  SEO is Google's best friend and SEO Leverage 2022: 5 hard truths. Though, there is a major misconception that it solely works for website improvement. Yes, significant website traffic and brand name building are the ultimate goals but, SEO can be leveraged for various other marketing activities.   


Leveraging SEO for successful paid campaigns. 

Before investing in paid advertisements, it is important to do adequate research on what works for your brand. SEO assists you in understanding that and best optimize your paid campaigns, based on the insights provided by SEO analysis. By knowing about the organic marketing steps that work well for your brand, you can invest and build your paid campaigns around the strategies that work and those that have potential. SEO analytics provides data to help boost your PPC results. Some of the key data pointers are:
  • The organic traffic rate,
  • The visitor’s metrics, such as source, 
  • The average session duration, 
  • The best functioning keywords,
  • The most popular webpage on your website or e-store. 
These help you build stronger and more logical PPC campaigns to enhance either an already surging website or revamp a falling one. 

Leveraging SEO for targeting various search engines. 

Google is not the only search engine out there. After Google, Bing and Yahoo take the second and third marks in the Search Engine market.  One of the major off-page SEO practices is Search Engine Submission so, leveraging SEO for being recognizable by other search engines and enhancing your visibility throughout is already a popular practice followed by best SEO service providers

Leveraging SEO for E-commerce

As per stats, more than 50% of people start their product searches on Amazon. Just like Google dominates the search engine market, Amazon dominates the E-commerce market, and both have built their markets by acquiring customers' trust.  Despite being competitors, both Google and Amazon have found a middle ground in prioritizing customers as their top priority. This is why e-commerce businesses can list their products on Amazon businesses and can run their ads on Google. The Amazon product listings and Google ads are linked through a landing page and this is where your SEO insights step in. Using best-optimized keywords and running campaigns based on SEO analytics assure success for your E-commerce businesses. 

Leveraging SEO for Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin, they can not be separated. Combining the efforts of these can benefit in: 
  • Creating content that the target audience seeks.
  • Using relevant and popular keywords that link your website to the pertinent searcher. 
  • Increasing website traffic significantly.
  • Curating quality and useful content.
  • Creating informative blogs and guest posts on trending topics using relevant keywords to bring pertinent visitors and also enhance social sharing. 
  • Ensuring a positive user experience.  

Leveraging SEO for building a customer persona

Today’s e-customer/audience seeks a personalized experience which is why it is important for a brand to build their customer persona and segment them so that they can be marketed accordingly. SEO helps in understanding the target audience as its first and foremost practice and assists in curating tailor-made strategies. 

Leveraging SEO for Public Relations

It is the era of digitization and almost everything, especially on the World wide web is being “search engine optimized”. When it comes to PR, press release plays a major role. They too are now being digitally shared and any information that is given out digitally can leverage the benefits of SEO. This is how SEO aids PR:
  • Inculcating relevant keywords in the press release content. 
  • Optimizing images used in the press release to enhance exposure. 
  • Track the performance of the press release.
  • Analyze the target audience’s response to the press release. 
Now that you know how to get your SEO efforts optimized in the best possible manner, it is also important to be aware of the hard truths of SEO.  Here, we have discussed the 5 hard truths that are inevitable to be faced by good SEO professionals.

Data over Opinions

SEO professionals use various tools and resources to evaluate the data and draw out the best insights from it, so let the data guide your decisions. 

SEO is not ONLY Google 

Search Engine Optimization is not ONLY Google. Websites can be optimized on various search engines and the benefits from optimizing on these search engines can be utilized on various platforms. 

SEO has rules and guidelines

SEO works on rules and regulations. Indulging in Black Hat SEO can be detrimental to your brand therefore it is better to consult an SEO professional, especially if you are new to the SEO space. 

Patience and Discipline are crucial 

SEO demands due diligence and patience to yield great success. With consistency and patience, SEO serves as the best organic strategy for digital marketing. 

SEO success is determined by multiple factors. 

SEO is multi-faceted. The success of SEO is determined by multiple factors such as: 
  • Quality of content
  • Website Architecture
  • The loading speed of the website
  • Keyword optimization 
  • Technical SEO 


There is no one-way lane to success when it comes to Digital Marketing, it is an amalgamation of all the activities that ensure success. Just like content is king for content creators, SEO is king for Digital Marketers which is why getting the best SEO services is crucial.  We understand that working on so many facets of building your brand online can be overwhelming so, we at #ARM, extend our helping hand to support you on this journey. By associating with us, you can be assured that you are with one of the best SEO firms in India.

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