Transforming IPL 2024 Spectacle with the Magic of CTV Marketing


The cricketing fervour is back with a bang as the much anticipated IPL season of 2024 is well underway, with fans across the country eagerly glued to their phones and television sets waiting for the epic battles on the cricket field. Are you also tuned in to the joys of…

The cricketing fervour is back with a bang as the much anticipated IPL season of 2024 is well underway, with fans across the country eagerly glued to their phones and television sets waiting for the epic battles on the cricket field. Are you also tuned in to the joys of victory or the misery of defeat? With such a grand exhibition of talent and drama, it is no surprise that as IPL and sports continue to soar high in popularity, it is also climbing the preferred rankings for marketers and brands. These captivating events, drawing in audiences and fans from around the world, present a unique opportunity that blends the best of both traditional and digital marketing channels to engage with vast audiences. As per the Mint report, the Indian Sports Industry is projected to reach a value of $100 billion by 2027; sports marketing has emerged as a pivotal arena, compelling marketers and streamers to leverage and embrace this method strategically. One of the finest examples of this trend is JioCinema, the official streaming partner for Tata IPL which has registered 113 million viewers on the opening day itself. Brands are seizing the opportunity to connect with their target audience like never before, and one such popular method is the rise of Connected TV (CTV) in sports advertising - a game-changer, allowing brands to engage with their audience in a more intimate and impactful way. 

Game Changer: The Rise of Connected TV Advertising in IPL 2024

Connected TV has firmly established its presence in the Indian market, captivating over 30 million households in 2023 alone. Projections indicate a promising doubling of this figure by 2025. On top of that, over 90% of TVs sold in India are Smart TVs, showcasing that there is a real shift towards streaming platforms and interactive viewing. Advertisers are aware of the importance of CTV, allowing viewers to easily stream their favourite sporting events. That is where the huge influence of IPL comes into the picture, and in the 2024 season, there has been a surge of advertiser interest.  The reason why brands are looking to shift to CTV advertising is due to the flexibility to target specific matches or moments within matches to showcase their contextual ads. The IPL is also one of the biggest sporting events in India and would offer advertisers plenty of unique opportunities to garner huge brand recall from the targeted audience. 

2024 IPL Spark: Fuelling India’s Sports Marketing Evolution

In India, sports marketing has undergone notable growth and evolution, representing a specialised sector that concentrates on promoting sports events, teams, athletes, and associated products to specific audiences. The IPL not only drew in global cricketing icons but also garnered significant investments from corporate giants and advertisers. The resounding success of this season's IPL has not only elevated cricket to a highly marketable entity but has also reaffirmed and brought to light the power of sporting events and the role they can play in branding. Let’s take a closer look at some of them-
  • Celebrity Level Influence

Nowadays, athletes have ascended to celebrity status, captivating fans with their on-field prowess and off-field lives. High-profile matches between teams and renowned players bring with them higher viewership which amplifies this phenomenon by merging the allure of sports with the glamour associated with teams or players. For instance, Shah Rukh Khan’s ownership of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has boosted the team’s profile, drawing greater audiences with his active promotion. This season, KKR partnered with playR, offering fans exclusive access to a range of merchandise, from team jerseys and cricket gear to lifestyle products, all endorsed by the team. Additionally, during the matches, there are continuous ads displayed, such as Dream 11 featuring cricket celebrities like Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya. This retains the attention of the viewers and generates a buzz, dictating consumer behaviour. Such partnerships not only enhance the brand value of sports teams but also open avenues for brands in sports, lifestyle, and related sectors to connect with cricket enthusiasts through the credibility and popularity of the team.
  • Diversified Reach through Content Creators 

In addition to traditional celebrities, the rise of influencers has added another layer to the marketing strategies of major sporting events like the IPL. The reach of micro to mega influencers is helping with the reach and relatability to the audience and is a valuable asset for CTV advertising offering brands an excellent platform to amplify their presence. For instance, this IPL season, Star Sport’s “Star Creator's Network” has become an exciting platform where they will be inviting cricketing experts to delve into the nitty-gritty of the matches, engaging fans through multiple social media platforms. The emergence of diverse platforms beyond traditional subscriptions offers new paths for audience engagement. Brands, for instance, can capitalise on partnerships with influencer-led series such as 'Cheeky Singles' by CarryMinati, who will be leveraging his comedic talent to interact with the audience and talk about IPL match highlights.
  • Localised Marketing Strategies

Fans and enthusiasts are always considered the heart of any sport. Local Team support and the strong fan bond not only fosters loyalty but also represents a significant opportunity for deeper engagement. Marketing campaigns can target this regional enthusiasm in order to strengthen connections with the fans through their brands. Take, for instance, the Chennai Super Kings, who have embraced Tamil-language content and collaborated with micro-influencers to create viral memes that resonate profoundly with their regional fanbase. Streaming services like JioCinema have also included 12 language options for live commentary, making it more accessible.

The Winning Play

CTV Advertising is laying down the foundations for a transformative change in the Indian marketing environment, and this season’s IPL campaign serves as a compelling testament to its transformative power. With its unique capacity to pinpoint affluent audiences, introduce interactive campaigns, and establish good brand recall, CTV advertising emerges as an alluring avenue of sports marketing, allowing brands to tap into an enormous and dedicated viewership base. As streaming and smart TVs become the norm, the trajectory of CTV ad expenditure is set to soar, further solidifying its role in India’s digital marketing sphere. So, if you’re a brand seeking to make a significant impact towards a vast audience, embracing CTV advertising might just be your game-winning six!

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