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Local SEO is an SEO strategy that helps businesses increase their visibility in the local search results on Google. Businesses that have a physical location or serve a geographic area can benefit from local SEO. This SEO strategy can help your business grow if you search Google with important keywords related to your business and under it you see a card with three entries.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO is a game of two halves, as Google presents two types of search results for local searches. These are the “map pack” results and the “blue link” organic results.

Map pack results

Map Packs, also known as local packs, is a Google SERP feature that showcases top local business listings and maps. They often appear at the top of Google local search results.

Organic search results

The organic search results are the 10 blue links that appear on the first SERP, which we all are familiar with. These links mostly appear below the map pack results. 

What matters in local SEO strategy?

Although the local map packs appear on Google’s default organic search listings, another algorithm powers local rankings and top Google search results for local map pack results. As a local business, you have the opportunity to appear in the top organic search results and local map packs at the same time.One of the main challenges when it comes to drafting local SEO strategies is understanding what you should be focusing on to make your strategy more effective. Similar to Google’s traditional search algorithms, the popularity of localised content and local links is a factor. That’s why it’s important to create a local landing page for each location, especially for companies with multiple locations.

In addition, location-related factors such as business listings on Google My Business, local quotes from data aggregators, and review signals that should be posted by local customers are also taken into account in our locally-focused SEO rankings. you have to consider them. Also for your local SEO – consider taking action.It also has local search-focused SEO tools, from developing keyword research focused on local audiences, to creating quotes, managing Google My Business lists, business profiles, Google posts, and much more. It’s also important to note that it helps develop a locally oriented SEO audit. , and even whether it is included in the local pack.

Tips to draft local SEO content

There is no golden ticket to winning the local SEO strategy. But, businesses can draft effective content to increase their ranking on local search engines. Here are a few tips that businesses can follow for drafting SEO-friendly content for their websites:

  • Using schema markup
  • Write content in a conversational tone
  • Use local phrases 
  • Incorporating unique images

Using schema markup

The more rich and interactive Google search results become, the more important the schema becomes. Schemas help algorithms understand how content relates to each other. Add schema markup to local businesses, authors, etc. to highlight your expertise and authority.

Write content in a conversational tone

Voice search is nothing new to local SEO. In fact, 75% of smart speaker owners use their smart speakers to find local businesses every week. Writing in a conversational tone allows you to target long voice searches on SERPs.

Use local phrases in your content

While local keyword research is essential in planning your content, it’s even more important to understand how the topics that guide those keyword phrases align with your content. Sprinkling the content on your websites with local mentions can help your business find success with local SEO content.

Incorporate unique images in your content

Images are often overlooked when it comes to local SEO. However, mobile search is leading the way, so images should be optimised for mobile search. Incorporating your own images in a square format with proper alt text and schema markup will increase your chances of ranking well in local mobile searches.

Types of content that must be incorporated into local SEO strategies

By now, we have understood that content is king when it comes to drafting local SEO strategies. Here are the different types of content that businesses must focus on while curating local SEO strategies: 

City-specific landing page

  • FAQ pages
  • Host local events
  • Blog content
  • Press pages
  • State or regional landing page
  • Specials and discounts
  • Partner with local events
  • A guide of ‘best of’


It has become quite important for local businesses to have a robust social media presence in 2022 more than ever. They have to stay engaged with their audience, build a quality website, and think about providing the best experience to their customers. Businesses and companies can look for the best SEO service providers that can help them in providing SEO-related services as well.

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