2000% improvement in Hero Vired’s organic traffic via #ARM’s SEO solutions

  Hero Vired is an ed-tech platform on a mission to reimagine the way we learn and build a brighter future. They shape people into highly skilled professionals not only for the present, but for the future as well. It’s vision is to use modern and experiential pedagogical methods to provide holistic learning. To expand their horizons and reach out to a broader demographic over the digital sphere, Hero Vired sought the expertise of the SEO professionals at #ARM Worldwide. 


EdTech is an industry that has seen exponential growth in the past decade. From start-ups to industry giants, there is a lot of competition in this multi-billion industry. Raising the organic traffic was challenging since the number of courses offered by Hero Vired was limited than its competitors, thus there were a lower number of pages to promote. Hero is a prominent brand in India and one of the market leaders in the automobile industry. However, EdTech is a completely different field where the pre-existing firms had already cemented themselves at the top in highly competitive keywords that the client wished to target.


Hero Vired desired to create a robust online presence, and drive maximum traffic via organic means. They also aimed to increase keyword ranking and overall keyword coverage in SERP and enhance their brand awareness to stand strong among the competitors. 


The #ARM Worldwide team conducted an extensive client and competitor analysis to identify the areas that need to be prioritised and formulated the following strategy to gain the upper hand over the competition:-
  • Identifying the right keywords through various metrics such as their search volume to achieve the objective, provided that some keywords of the industry were highly competitive.
  • SEO was started from the time when the website has just launched so it there were very less courses and other pages on the website and other content resource pages are also not there. ARM SEO team was the part of the team 
  •  Increasing the content quality as well as quantity to ensure the website ranks well on SERPs.
  • ARM team has maapped the keywords with the pages on the website and with the relevant pags of the competitors and shared suggestions to add the new pages which can be targeted on Google.
  • Website’s core web vitals (LCP, FCP and FID) have been optimised and score was improved from 10 to 90 on mobile and desktop
  • Focused on aggressive blogs strategy to create the content warehouse with the evergreen content that helped the most in expanding the organic reach around the searches around all the relevant keywords.


Hero Vired, being a new player in the Ed-Tech industry, had started operating with a fixed number of courses resulting in fewer content and less web-pages that could pull traffic. The first focus of our SEO team was to promote the available web pages with the right set of keywords. 
  • In order to implement the first strategy, the team picked the top 75 keywords that can be targeted as per industry niche. These keywords were best utilized to perform the on-page optimization including title tag optimization, meta tag optimization and image optimization. 
  • To implement the second strategy, # the ARM SEO team, revised the scope of keywords. With a detailed analysis of search trends, search volume and relevancy of keywords, the team appended an additional 75 keywords to target. A detailed content plan was developed, via in-depth market and competitor analysis. Multiple blogs, articles, guest posts and Quora posts were published on a monthly basis in accordance with the plan. It was ensured that every curated article and blog was mapped to the respective course page of Hero Vired to ensure high traffic and quality leads. 


The improvement in the metrics perfectly reflected the success of the project. Organic growth  The analytics reported exponential growth in traffic from the month of June to October. There was a staggering 1099% rise in organic growth as the metrics went from approximately 1.8k to 22k.

Mtalkz Case Study

Brand search volume  There was a jump from nothing to a whooping figure of 8100 post involvement of the #ARM SEO team. This was achievable due to SEO-friendly content such as website blogs, third party articles and Quora answers being published with relevant keywords embedded in them. The planned execution resulted in continuous result growth.

Mtalkz Case Study

Keyword rankings Hero Vired witnessed a 100% increase in keyword rankings between 1 -10 positions due to high-quality backlinks and focus on relevant content. This consequently leads to better searchability and enhanced brand awareness. The number of Keywords with rank 1-10 position was ~0 on April 21 which shot up to ~110 in the month of May 2022

Mtalkz Case Study

100% increase in Referring Domains assisted in gaining organic traffic and increased keyword ranking. #ARM Worldwide’s strategic technical audits resulted in an increase of HeroVired’s Core Web Vital desktop score of 100+ and a mobile score of 90+. The Variability & Importance Of SEO There are various techniques involved in SEO – from using relevant keywords on web pages to earning links to your website. The better your pages are positioned on search engines, the more likely you are to attract prospective customers to your business. A customized SEO campaign from #ARM Worldwide provides you with an all-in-one solution to SEO for your valuable audience to find you online without investing many hours of work.

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